11 Ways To Re-Purpose Content

11 ways to repurpose contentOkay, so everyone reading this understands the power of content. There isn’t much argument that content is king. It is also true that creating consistently compelling content can be quite a challenge.

Some of you hire others to do this on a full-time basis. Others have outsourced part of their content production. And some are doing it on top of everything else they have to do for their business. Whatever you choose, the need to generate ideas is a constant.

This can become a stumbling point. You want to maximize your content with instructional videos, white papers, podcasts, newsletters, blog posts… the list keeps growing. It is true that creating content can be downright hard work. But there are also ways to ease the burden significantly and one of the best is to re-purpose content.

Some find the idea of re-purposing a little off-putting. Isn’t it kind of like re-heating leftovers? Maybe it doesn’t taste terrible, but it is not as good as a fresh meal. But you shouldn’t take the “leftover” point-of-view. If the content is quality, getting it in different formats simply expands its reach. And re-purposing is not about re-posting content. You can re-purpose in a bland way or you can give it a new twist and re-purpose with attitude.

Here are 11 ways to re-purpose content:

  1. Take a PowerPoint presentation you have for clients and record it (Make minor revisions if needed). Post it to YouTube and/or SlideShare
  2. Take your existing white paper and break it down into blog post-sized chunks. Revise each of these chunks and use for your blog. And, of course, you can gently promote your white paper at the bottom of each post.
  3. Do the opposite of the idea above by blogging a white paper. Create a series of blog posts around a common theme. Then weave them together to form a white paper.
  4. Interview clients to create case studies. Record interviews and use as material for podcasts.
  5. Use your case studies to reach out to journalists. Perhaps one of them would make the basis for a good story in an industry journal or website.
  6. Re-purpose your own reading. You probably do a fair amount of reading through the web, industry publications, and books. Why not take one extra step and become a content curator for your audience? This could be as simple as a monthly email that briefly reviews and links to what you read.
  7. When you answer a customer question via email, paste a copy of the question and answer in a separate document. Once you have enough saved, you have either a FAQ document or the main content for a compelling blog post.
  8. Are you regularly creating offline marketing materials? If so, are you adding this content as another page on your website? Almost any offline   piece can be put on the web with some light editing.
  9. Interviewing industry experts can be a re-purposing bonanza. The audio can be podcasts. You can transcribe and edit them and turn them into an eBook. You can use themes from each interview as a central topic for a blog post.
  10. Document several of your social media campaigns and use it to create a guide or eBook. Take your reviews of social media campaigns and expand them in to guide or book format. You demonstrate expertise and beef up your credibility.
  11. If a particular video you post on YouTube gets a lot of views or hits viral status, write about the experience on your blog.

Those are some starter ideas. More important than these suggestions is to enter into the mindset where you are looking for new ways to use existing content.

One word of caution: It is usually a bad idea to use the exact same content in an almost identical format. So simply moving a blog post without change to become part of your newsletter doesn’t cut it. But teasing a popular post in your newsletter is a great idea. Or you could use the same core content but pick one area to isolate and expand upon.

Yes, creating content can be hard work but is easily done by making it a little simpler by finding your re-purpose with attitude.


How To Create Content of Value

Is your content struggling with getting noticed, being shared or acted upon? More than likely the problem is the content lacks value. If so, I have developed a detailed way to help you turn your struggle into a success by defining each letter in the word value which needs to be encompassed in the content you create.

how to create content of value

Vital - Create positive, informational and unique content. By doing so, our content becomes appealing, worthy and one of a kind. Encompassing vitality in our content opens the door for our brand, relationships and audience to grow.

Accurate - Do research to ensure the content you are sharing is correct and updated. Sharing an article from a year ago may share outdated tips or convey wrong information about a topic or question asked. This prevents possible catastrophe, failure and misleading someone. Also, can lead to poor reputation of a brand or individual.

Lead - Use knowledge in content to create a path of success. Knowledge can be in the form of a tip, blog post or response to a question asked. By leading we inspire, help someone create success and make a difference. The key is to be effective in doing so.

Understand - Create content that has a clear meaning.  An individual may not understand content as easy as another individual does. Be detailed, paint a picture with words, and give an example to avoid confusion. Always make it be known in content you are willing to explain if need be.

Engaging - Listen by responding. Let your audience know you acknowledge them. Thank them, share and respond to public content and ask how their day is going. Create a conversation by asking a question. Engaging content shows the audience you value and are there for them.

When we create content of value, we are raising awareness for our brand and our personal self. It is important to encompass this trait to keep a positive image and presence, to see growth and succeed. How do you define content of value? Do you encompass it? Feel free to leave your response in a comment.

10 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

10 ways social media can benefit your small businessSocial media is more than just a buzzword. There are opportunities and measurable results that it offers that can be extremely beneficial to companies of all sizes. While Facebook and Twitter may be included it’s more than that.

Many times people get so caught up in tools that little time is collaborating and strategizing about what Social Media can actually do for them and their business, successfully. Tools are great if you know how to use them, but at some point the tools need to have a purpose.

I often hear small to mid-size companies ask to help implement Social Media strategies into their overall marketing plan with a skewed outlook of what Social Media is and what its benefits are. However, if you know what Social Media isn’t, then it’s a lot easier to grasp what it can do.

If you have a good product, a detailed business plan, and customer service policies in place and willing to invest time, there are ten ways Social Media can benefit your business.

  • Gives you the opportunity to begin listening to what others are saying about your company online.
  • Allow you to have one-on-one communication with your consumers.
  • It can be used to gather feedback about new products.
  • It personalizes your corporation/brand
  • Provides channels to produce and distribute exclusive content that can be shared which in return extends the voice of your brand.
  • Can be used to share exclusive information and offers to your loyalists.
  • It’s an extension to your public relations strategies
  • Provides platforms to build communities for your brand enthusiasts around your product and company.
  • Offers opportunities that will bring exposure to your company.
  • Provides potential opportunities for word-of-mouth buzz about your company and products.

While the above are not the only benefits, it is a good place to begin thinking about the benefits that Social Media provides. Once you know what it can do, building a strategy and developing a plan is your next course of action.

I want to hear from you. How has Social Media helped you or your business grow? What would you add to the list?.



Content Marketing And How It Helps Your Small Business

Content marketing is becoming more and more popular as a tool for attracting customers resulting in awareness for your brand and information an individual is looking for. Here’s a look at content marketing and how it helps your small business.

Content Marketing And How It Helps Your Small Business


Content Marketing Is Educational

Content marketing is a tool used by businesses. The basic idea behind content marketing is that valuable content is posted with the intention of attracting customers. This type of marketing concentrates on giving possible customers new information that they can use in their life. Hence, it teaches them something, and the most important part is that it is free.

Content Marketing Is Not the Same as Copywriting

The purpose of copywriting is to get the customer to do something. More often than not, copywriting tries to convince a potential customer to purchase a product. On the other hand, content marketing’s aim is to give information that is valuable, but create that information in a manner in which it serves a marketing purpose. Underlining these distinct purposes, however, there is a common goal: to get possible customers acquainted with the product offered, and make them purchase it.

Customers Are the Focus of Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t all about you or your business (though it does help point the readers towards your business). Instead, it’s all about your customers; it gives them valuable information that they can use in their lives. The reason it works so well is that people are generally not interested in hearing you talk for hours on end about how great you are. That bores them, which is one of the reasons copywriting can only do so much for your business. To go the extra mile, you have to keep in mind that people are much more likely to purchase from a business that has given them valuable and interesting information in the past. Additionally, content marketing tends to be ranked higher by Google, which means that it is easier for people to find you and your small business.

How Content Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

Content marketing creates awareness of your brand and can increase your business’s credibility and trustworthiness. The reason is that most often, people find themselves looking online for answers to their questions. Simply put, they search for information that is valuable. If they find it on your business’s site, a connection will be created between your business and the potential customer. When a connection is established, trust is more likely to follow, particularly if the content they found was really useful. Another reason why content marketing is such a useful tool for growing a business is that it is more likely to be shared on social media sites. People rarely (if ever) share copywriting they found online. However, if they find good content that really teaches them something, they might want to spread the word.

Content marketing can be a powerful marketing tool when used wisely. Its secret lies in helping both the business that created it and the individual who is in need of information, allowing for trust to build and making it more likely for that individual to make use of the business’s products if they need them.


7 Tips to Gain Your Reader’s Empathy

readers empathy

Most successful blogs have one thing in common. They offer information, ideas, and tips that readers can implement. Bloggers who have been there and done that and who can put themselves in the reader’s shoes win over the confidence of their audience. Establish empathy, be a problem solver and you’ll acquire not just traffic but dedicated readers.

Here are seven ideas to strike a chord with your readers:

  1. Back your assertions with facts and figures. Numbers speak louder than words. Figures are objective and can be corroborated. Elements of education and trust are introduced into content that carry verifiable figures.

  2. Link to respectable content. This is another activity that helps foster trust with the reader. Articles with links to established sources get shared and bookmarked more. There’s also a subconscious benefit to being associated, even loosely, to big names and brands. Relevant external links give search engines a clearer picture about the nature of your content as well.

  3. Write about what you know. Or in other words, choose the subject of your blog after considering your knowledge and interest in the topic. Words flow that much more easily when you know what you’re writing about and especially if you enjoy doing it. Most importantly, you can provide insightful content and not just information that is already floating around on the internet in one form or the other. You build on ideas and processes that add value with your content.

  4. Keep learning. There is no end to the learning process. And if you wish to acquire and maintain a reputation of being a subject matter authority, you have to endeavor to stay at the leading edge of your chosen subject. Keep aside time to interact with other opinion influencers and participate in forums. It will allow you to understand the readers’ needs and also the stakes involved. Higher the stakes, more valuable is an informational article and greater the incentive for you to create researched content.

  5. Know what your readers are looking for by studying analytics data. Does your blog provide answers to subject-related questions floating around on the internet? Does your content attract comments and inputs from interested readers? Search for breaking news, events, and questions about your niche. Forums, Google News, Social Media, Quora and keyword tools that use Google Autocomplete can help with ideas.

  6. Communicate in a tone that your reader can relate to. Remember, it’s about empathy. Reach out through your choice of words. Use a conversational tone and be one of them. Ask questions, it will get your readers to think and encourage them to share their perspective with you.

  7. Share your learnings. Clearly written posts on how you acquired a skill, how steep was the learning curve, how long did it take, did you have any moments of epiphanies, etc always make for great reading and present you as a knowledgeable well-wisher to the readers. How-to videos, descriptive podcasts are options to consider as well. Let them know that you have gone through similar challenges and come out the other side successfully. Inspire them to do the same.

Creating reader empathy is more than a technique to be implemented. Every blogger is expected to do this. In return, empathy leads to trust and stronger relationships with those you aim to serve. What experiences have you had with empathy? Do you find it natural or difficult to convey? I want to hear your stories and learn from your experiences as well. Please share them below.


5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

Every year our family takes a vacation to unwind and reconnect as we are a very close but busy family. This July was no different with our journey to ST Pete Beach to explore the Loews Don CeSar Hotel also known as the iconic “Pink Palace.”

The palace is one of the registered Historic Hotels of America encompassing rich history being built in 1928 to resemble a Mediterranean-style castle which was born during the Great Gatsby era as a playground for the rich and famous. Not only was the experience a relaxing one but beauty, customer service, accommodations, history and education reinforced why our vacation was sure to be a memorable one.

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

The Beauty

Once we arrived at Loews Don CeSar Hotel, our family was greeted with exquisite style and color which truly made us feel like we had arrived at a Pink Palace right out of a movie. For the three days we were there, a tranquil and tropical oasis surrounded us along the property found at the entrance, interior, the pool and beach areas.

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

Customer Service

In addition to the beauty of the property located at Loews Con CeSar Hotel, the staff created a remarkable customer experience for the family. Upon arriving, valet attendant, Tim from Orlando, FL greeted us with a warm welcome and smile.

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

We arrived a couple hours before time to check in and since our room wasn’t ready they conveyed to us that they would give us a call when it was ready along with safe keeping of our luggage. So, we decided to grab a quick lunch at a local fast food restaurant and within 30 minutes we received a call that our room was ready for relaxation. Thank you Loews Don CeSar staff for making us feel important and showing you care.

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach



With 277 guest rooms and suites, accommodation types are a plenty. Our standard guest room was a blend of white and aqua blue which created a cool and soothing atmosphere to fit the consistent feel throughout the hotel. Although, we had no ocean view suite, the side view of the property and ocean displayed a calm and serene image.

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete BeachHistory and Education

After a well rested night, we were very excited to explore the hotel property to see what additional offerings Loews Don CeSar Hotel had. We were surprised at what we found. The history behind the Visionary, Developer and Builder, William Bowman Jr and Thomas Rowe was a welcome sight as I have never seen this type of offering from a hotel or resort I’ve visited in the past.

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

In addition to the history, marine and sea life education was found in the form of information stations along lush tropical landscaped paths. The kids loved this being they are very interested in animals. I admit, I was a bit excited and interested as well. For example, you will find such facts as how oyster domes are created and how manatees breathe and eat.

This is a new offering the hotel has included in just the past month by partnering with The Tampa Bay Watch, the Pinellas Education Foundation, and students from St. Petersburg’s Campbell Park Elementary School. The self-guided was created as a result of the many inquiries the hotel’s staff was receiving from guests about everything from sea turtle nesting and the importance of sea oats to the famous “Stingray Shuffle.” Just another example of how the staff creates an amazing guest experience by listening and delivering.

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

The experience at Loews Don CeSar was truly a remarkable one that our family was not expecting and will never forget. The staff delivering genuine hospitality and the property encompassing amazing beauty and rich history along with amenities such as daily kids activities, two pools, boutique shopping and authentically homemade ice cream and the complimentary spa-tini are definitely what defines 5 reasons to experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach. 

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach


Thank you again Loews Don CeSar Hotel for the amazing and exquisite stay. Until next time, we are dreaming of your beauty.

5 Reasons To Experience Loews Don CeSar Hotel in ST. Pete Beach

Why Taking Work Breaks Outside Is the Right Way to Go

Working means you lose a lot of energy concentrating on that certain task. A break offers you the opportunity to rest for a while, and get back some of that energy. However, taking a break outside offers you even more benefits than a regular break. Let’s find out why.

Why Taking Work Breaks Outside Is the Right Way to Go

Taking a Break Outside Boosts Your Happiness Level

The light from the sun is a wonder. It maintains life on Earth, and keeps on giving to those living things. Besides the fact that it can give you a beautiful, natural tan, the sun can also make you happier. Research found that people who spend time outside in the sunlight have more positive emotions than those who don’t.

You Can Relax Like Never Before

It’s hard to relax while taking your break at your office. With the computer right in front of you, all the tasks you have to finish are right there under your nose. If you manage to fight the urge of finishing them while on break, you’re still going to be followed by the guilt that you’re not working on them. Plus, surfing the Internet isn’t the best way to relax.

If you go outside, however, you can break loose from the work you have to get done. You can clear your mind walking, or enjoy reading a good book. This way, you’re going to have a lot more energy for when you begin working again.

Going Outside Improves Your Memory and Attention

One of the most important things at work is the ability to stay focused. The better you’re able to concentrate on your task, the better and faster you’re going to get it done. Having a good memory is also very helpful. You can save time by remembering things you would otherwise have to write down.

Research done at the University of Michigan showed that spending as little as 20 minutes outdoors had positive effects on memory and attention. However, subjects showed this result only while walking on rural streets. So, if you can, take your break in a park.

Take Down the Stress

It only follows that if going outside is a good way of relaxing, it should also fight stress. However, this isn’t the only benefit. Spending some time outdoors also helps boost your immunity to stress. It means that you’re going to be able to deal with problems more efficiently. This is much better than worrying constantly.

Less stress will do wonders for your work, and it will also have a positive impact on your health. People who stress less are healthier. This is particularly true when comparing individuals with chronic stress to those with little to no stress.

Taking your breaks outside is decidedly better than taking them inside. Even if the weather seems to be quite bad, get your umbrella or a warm jacket and go outside. You’re going to feel refreshed and ready to take on the remaining hours at work!

Taking your breaks outside is decidedly better than taking them inside. Even if the weather seems to be quite bad, get your umbrella or a warm jacket and go outside. You’re going to feel refreshed and ready to take on the remaining hours at work!

5 Tips To Turn Readers Into Subscribers

5 tips to turn readers into subscribersAs a blog owner, it is likely that one of your biggest goals is to increase the number of visitors who read your blog. However, what is more important is that you convert those readers into subscribers. When a reader subscribes to your blog, that person is essentially saying they are interested in reading your blog on a regular basis. Here is 5 tips to turn readers into subscribers.

1. Provide Quality Content

Quality content is probably the most important factor to not only getting regular readers, but subscribers as well. Posts that are heavily laded with keywords may attract search engines, but not regular readers. If your content provides value, helpful advice, or pure entertainment, your readers will come back for more. If you are consistently writing these type of posts, eventually your reader will subscribe to your blog.

2. Post Regularly

Not only should you create quality content, but you should post on a regular basis. This shows the readers you are actively involved in your blog. If the last post is 6 months old, it will be difficult to convince someone to subscribe.

3. Give Away a Freebie

Everyone loves free stuff, so place an opt-in form on your site with a free report. While they will still have to enter their email address, if they like your site, a free report is just a bonus for subscribing. Also, consider having contests and giveaways for those who comment or subscribe.

4. Make it Easy to Subscribe

Encourage your blog readers to subscribe by making it easy for them. Allow them to subscribe either with a RSS feed or by email. People prefer different ways to follow your blog posts. While most people probably know what the little orange “subscribe” symbol means, consider actually typing the word “subscribe to my blog” in front of the symbol.

5. Engage with your Readers

When readers stop by and leave comments, get involved in the conversation. Try to respond to each comment that has substance. If a reader sees that you are a real person and are interested in what they have to say, you have a better chance at getting that person to subscribe.

Once you establish a decent size subscriber list, it is easier to reach out to them with exclusive sales or deals, a new product you want to promote, or subscriber-only special offers. Remember, they subscribed to be updated on your posts and not get tons of spam email. Treat your subscribers with respect and you will continue to maintain a positive relationship and image.

Join me in Vegas for #SageSummit to Reimagine Your Business

sageWhat an honor to be personally invited to the Sage Summit in Las Vegas from July 28 – 31. As a small business owner myself, I am looking forward to attending this event, not just for my business, but also to further develop my skills for my clients. Owning and operating your own business is an ongoing learning process and when you have the good fortune to learn from those in the trenches, hearing their success stories or challenges they have overcome, it is an inspiring motivator to recharge and instigate change.

The Sage Summit is intended to be THE most valuable business event for a small or medium-sized business. They target high-level business topics to help educate and inform their attendees, guiding them toward greater decision making processes and stronger business foundations. It is a comprehensive educational experience, driven by strong keynote speakers and actual hardcore real-life examples and business experiences.

“To us, small business isn’t business, it’s personal. It’s relationships, our family and friends. It’s supporting locally owned businesses whenever possible. We are a large company, but we have a small business heart, and want our customers to have the same experience with us that they provide to their customers.” ~ Sage

Sage wants to help companies grow their business; whether a start-up or an established organization, this summit is a guaranteed winner with an impressive lineup of speakers and thought leaders. Here’s a small sneak peek into some of the voices at Sage Summit.

Biz Stone: Co-Founder and CEO of Jelly, Inc, Co-Founder of Twitter

Robert Gibbs: Former White House Secretary

Magic Johnson: Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Industries

Pimm Fox: Bloomberg Megia

Rich Kalgaard: Forbes Publisher

You have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, not just sit back and listen, but to truly have an ongoing dialog, ask questions and participate with some of the top names in the business community. Sage is the summit to gain knowledge and real tools to help drive your business toward greater success. It’s about you, the owner, the conversations and your goals toward achieving your dreams and reimagining your business.

Sage Group provides small and medium-sized organizations with a variety of simple to use, safe, and efficient business management software and services—from accounting and payroll to enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and payments. They have solutions to your concerns and want to make your business flow smoothly.

The Sage Summit is such a valuable event that I would like to provide you with a little encouragement to attend by offering you 75% off the registration rate (reg $799), for just $199: please use promo code: JasonHouck. I look forward to seeing you there! Let’s do this together and reimagine your business.



Five Tips To Finding The Right Virtual or Outsourced Employees

Five Tips To Finding The Right Virtual or Outsourced EmployeesIn today’s business world, outsourcing is becoming more and more common. Virtual employees are everywhere and many prefer to work with this type of arrangement. But how do you manage and find the right virtual employees and make sure they stay engaged?

Ask Some Questions, Then Ask Some More

When you’re hiring virtual employees, be sure to interview them just as you would interview a candidate that would be working in-office. Request a resume, CV, and a portfolio if applicable. Be sure to check references and, at the very least, do a thorough telephone interview. You will need to make sure that your virtual employees can actually do the job prior to hiring them in order to avoid disappointment and wasted time in the future.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

It may seem a bit odd to not be able to walk down the hall and have a quick chat with an employee, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t still have clear communication. Make sure you are available via email and whenever possible, for a quick chat via telephone or even Skype. Email is sufficient in many instances, but some virtual workers may prefer to actually speak with you. Ambiguities can be cleared up and directions can often be explained more easily over the telephone than in email.

Set Clear Deadlines and Priorities

Virtual workers are often consultants who work with multiple businesses. Having set deadlines and prioritizing their tasks will help them manage their own schedules and ensure that the work gets done on time. Make sure to build in a bit of a buffer in case you need to make some last minute changes. You don’t want to end up scrambling and potentially missing your own deadlines due to setting a schedule that’s too tight.

Have a Back-Up Plan

Even if you can manage your business and meet your deadlines with only one virtual employee, it’s always a good idea to have a back-up in case of unforeseen circumstances. Having another person to fill in part-time will give you peace of mind, ensuring you won’t end up stuck trying to finish all of your projects on your own if your other virtual employee suddenly becomes unavailable.

Establish a Relationship Based on Mutual Respect

Make sure your virtual employees feel connected and respected. Communicate with them often and recognize a job well done. If possible, organize a get-together so everyone on the team can meet. This may not be possible if your employees are all over the world, but if they’re close by it can be a great chance to connect. Try to provide feedback and support to your employees whenever possible and use a personal touch when you can. Your employees are far more likely to be content and motivated to do great work if they feel appreciated and if their efforts are being recognized.

If you have a business that you run from a small office space or a home office, outsourcing some of your workload can be a viable option. There are certainly a lot of great employees out there that will work hard and do an excellent job, but if you’re new to outsourcing and to virtual employees, expect some growing pains at the beginning. It may take a while to find the perfect fit.