How To Be Successful Working From Home

Having the ability to work from home is a dream that is shared by many who have ever gotten stuck in morning traffic or had to commute for over an hour to and from the office. For people who have taken their first freelance job or have been allowed by their company to start telecommuting, the transition can be a difficult one. The hardest aspect to get used to when working from home is being productive while remaining in the home environment. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to help ease into your new work life and make working from home successful.


Treat Your Home Job like an Office Job

Working from home is great, but it does take a while to get used to. Usually when you’re at home you’re automatically in a relaxed state, having just gotten back in from a long day of work. This will work against you for the first few weeks of working from home, but you can counteract this effect by setting yourself a strict work schedule to adhere to. Another trick is to wake up at the same time you would normally wake up to commute to work; if your mind is used to having an hour or two between waking up and starting to work then you may need to give it the same amount of time before you can really be productive at your home office.

Remember to Take Regular Breaks

One of the greatest perks of working from home is that you can take as many breaks as you would like and at any time of the day. This can become a bad habit if you’re not careful, but it can also be very refreshing and can keep you focused throughout the workday. Taking a quick walk for some fresh air can clear your mind and help relieve any strain your eyes might be feeling from staring at your computer screen all day.

Let Your Family and Friends Know That You Are Still ‘At Work’

Unfortunately, working from home still comes with the same stigma it always has. Most people feel that if you can make your own schedule then you are your own boss. In most cases, this is not true and even if you are your own boss you still have work that needs to get done. The best thing to do is sit down with your family and friends and explain to them that working from home does not mean that you are free to run errands, take time off of work to pick up the kids or do any number of chores that you might do when you are not working. Although working from home gives you more freedom regarding how you can spend your work time, this doesn’t mean that you’re not at a real job and getting your family and friends to understand that is important.

Going from working a regular job to working from your own home is not an easy switch to make, especially with the amount of distractions around the house. With a strict work schedule and the understanding of friends and family members, you shouldn’t have any problems becoming extremely productive in your new work environment and making it a success.

What Is Content Marketing? How Does It Help Your Small Business?

Content marketing is becoming more and more popular as a tool for attracting customers resulting in awareness for your brand and information an individual is looking for. What is content marketing? How does it help your small business? Let’s take a look.

what is content marketing

Content Marketing Is Educational

Content marketing is a tool used by businesses. The basic idea behind content marketing is that valuable content is posted with the intention of attracting customers. This type of marketing concentrates on giving possible customers new information that they can use in their life. Hence, it teaches them something, and the most important part is that it is free.

Content Marketing Is Not the Same as Copywriting

The purpose of copywriting is to get the customer to do something. More often than not, copywriting tries to convince a potential customer to purchase a product. On the other hand, content marketing’s aim is to give information that is valuable, but create that information in a manner in which it serves a marketing purpose. Underlining these distinct purposes, however, there is a common goal: to get possible customers acquainted with the product offered, and make them purchase it.

Customers Are the Focus of Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t all about you or your business (though it does help point the readers towards your business). Instead, it’s all about your customers; it gives them valuable information that they can use in their lives. The reason it works so well is that people are generally not interested in hearing you talk for hours on end about how great you are. That bores them, which is one of the reasons copywriting can only do so much for your business. To go the extra mile, you have to keep in mind that people are much more likely to purchase from a business that has given them valuable and interesting information in the past. Additionally, content marketing tends to be ranked higher by Google, which means that it is easier for people to find you and your small business.

How Content Marketing Helps Your Business Grow

Content marketing creates awareness of your brand and can increase your business’s credibility and trustworthiness. The reason is that most often, people find themselves looking online for answers to their questions. Simply put, they search for information that is valuable. If they find it on your business’s site, a connection will be created between your business and the potential customer. When a connection is established, trust is more likely to follow, particularly if the content they found was really useful. Another reason why content marketing is such a useful tool for growing a business is that it is more likely to be shared on social media sites. People rarely (if ever) share copywriting they found online. However, if they find good content that really teaches them something, they might want to spread the word.

Content marketing can be a powerful marketing tool when used wisely. Its secret lies in helping both the business that created it and the individual who is in need of information, allowing for trust to build and making it more likely for that individual to make use of the business’s products if they need them.

Travel Review: A Single Day In Seattle

seattleThe birthplace of Starbucks coffee, Boeing and Amazon, Seattle exudes the spirit of breaking free and embracing innovation.

Just one day in the city is sufficient to absorb this spirit, although certainly not adequate to see all that it has to offer.

To truly understand this inspirational place it is crucial that you travel back in time to 1962 when it was chosen to host the World fair (the earlier version of the World Expo).

The city was initially planning a Wild West theme but decided it was too cliché and instead zeroed in on a space- age concept. This led to the creation of the now iconic Space Needle, the centerpiece of the site of the fair.


Needless to say the event was a phenomenal success, attracting close to 10m visitors and ensuring Seattle found itself a prominent position on the world map.

The Space Needle, the towering structure that adorns the window of Dr Crane in the popular comedy series Frasier, is a must-see for every visitor offering spectacular views from the observation deck.

Located 520 feet up, the deck circles the tower and on a clear day you can spot Mount Rainier, Elliott Bay’s bustling waterfront and the hustle and bustle of downtown Seattle.

But be prepared – the queues can be long and once you complete the minute-long crowded elevator ride, you might find the area jam-packed with camera-toting tourists. Opting for VIP passes might ease the trip, but either way, it is worth it.

The Space Needle is part of the wider Seattle Centre, which houses other interesting attractions such as the Experience Music Project and the Science Fiction Museum, although they are best kept for a longer visit.

Another must-see attraction is the famous Pike Place Market, which features the world’s first Starbucks shop and a plethora of stores that sell everything from rock band memorabilia to fresh fruits and flowers.



Scheduling a stop at the fish stall is definitely recommended, where vendors entertain the crowds with their striking, gravity defying fish throwing acts. Fun, right?

pike place fish

Winding roads and underground passages will also lead you to the market’s latest attraction, a chewing gum wall. Provided the concept does not put you off, the sight of millions of gum bits stuck on the wall is certainly one you will not forget. Predictably, it has now become a selfie hotspot.

Chewing Gum Wall

Overlooking the picturesque Elliott Bay, the market also has a variety of artisan units, quaint antique shops and 30-plus restaurants. In the early morning hours, follow your nose as the the aroma of freshly baked bread is sure to lead you to the nearest bakery.

seattle bakery

If your single day in Seattle happens to be the first Thursday of the month, ensure you schedule a late evening museum visit. As you walk into the Seattle Art Museum (popularly known as SAM) you will be impressed by the variety of exhibits. An art lover can easily spend hours mesmerized by the sculptures, paintings and other displays spanning across geographical areas and time periods.


Despite Boeing moving its headquarters to Chicago, Seattle is still fondly known as the Jet City with the Museum of Flight a prime attraction for aviation buffs.

Inside the massive aircraft exhibits, you can lose track of time but ensure that you do not miss the museum’s simulation ride. The four-minute ride for two people (one pilot and one shooter) is a lot of fun. Those suffering from motion sickness may want to avoid the F16 experience, however, which stops upside down at several points.

Outside there is also plenty to do. Exploring the world’s fastest jet, Concorde, is fascinating. And parked a few steps away is an old Air Force One plane that transported former American presidents Eisenhower and Roosevelt. An army veteran volunteer gave us a fantastic insight into how (arguably) the world’s most powerful politicians travelled.

If you do have a second day or your flight is delayed, slot in a trip to Boeing’s Everett factory where you can see the company’s popular 747, 777, and 787 jets being assembled. You will be amazed.

Alternatively, you can engage in some retail therapy by walking across the downtown streets lined with all the top luxury brands. And then, of course, there are the numerous coffee shops dotted around. Expect great coffee, free WiFi and good seats for people watching.

dowtown seattle coffee

While 24 hours is never enough to soak in the wonders of any city, a single day in Seattle is plenty to leave you with memories for a lifetime.

Relaxation and Rejuvenation at The Mast Farm Inn – Valle Crucis, NC

Nestled in the High Country of the North Carolina mountains of Valle Crucis lies a hidden treasure of relaxation and rejuvenation called Mast Farm Inn. The Inn is not just any ordinary Inn. The Inn is a bread and breakfast situated on the J.B. Mast Farm that dates back to 1810 complete with historical buildings developed into 15 rooms, cottages and cabins resulting in recently being inducted into Historic Hotels of America which is made up of 32 charter members founded in 1989 by the National Trust For Historic Preservation.


The day before July 4 on July 3, I had the sincere pleasure of visiting and experiencing The Mast Farm Inn with my parents by staying in the 2 story Granary Cottage which is the oldest restored house on the property encompassing the original granary wood featuring 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a loft, a great room, full kitchen and deck with picnic table.


Upon walking inside the Granary Cottage, we were greeted with a customized card, fresh home baked cookies, fresh picked flowers and water assembled on the dining room table on the left side and the kitchen on the right side complete with flat top stove, coffee pot, coffee, small wood cabinets, microwave and refridgerator.




Once inside, we began to explore our home away from home by checking out the sitting room, master bedroom with whirlpool tub and additional bedroom all while sounds of peaceful and tranquil music echoed throughout the cottage.





In addition to checking out the bedrooms the loft remained for us to experience with a magnificent view of the sitting area.




While experiencing the Granary Cottage a warm country welcome and home away from home feel was felt. Not only did the bedrooms, kitchen, sitting room and loft help create the feel but accents throughout enhanced the feeling and country effect.






Not only did we feel the warm welcome inside but the outdoors and property of the farm created quite a unique surrounding to enjoy. Views, gardens, other cottages and buildings all created the perfect moment for relaxation and tranquility as we experienced the property.










After a relaxing and peaceful walk through The Mast Farm Inn property, darkness began to take over which meant it was time to head to bed and then awake to a delicious gourmet style breakfast which is included in your stay and located inside the Inn. Once waking up the next morning, my parents and I walked over to the Inn to enjoy the breakfast and found even more beauty around the Inn.







After enjoying fresh fruit, bacon, waffles with homemade fig syrup for breakfast it was time to depart the Inn resulting in the parents and I left astounded about our experience at The Mast Farm Inn. The overall experience was one we did not want to leave. From all historical aspects of the property, the perfect customer service, the breathtaking views, landscape and freshly grown gardens, we realized that The Mast Farm Inn truly defines why our North Carolina mountains are unique and a must see from anyone across the globe. Thank you Henri, Kyra and Lorraine alone with the other staff for creating the perfect moment for me and my parents.

If you would like to learn more about The Mast Farm Inn, I encourage you to go to the website and learn about their Leap of Faith marriage and Message In A Bottle honeymoon packages they offer. The Mast Farm Inn is about customizing your stay and making you feel at home with pure relaxation and rejuvenation. Also, when I comes to the area, they are no stranger to social media and heritage. They focus on Bluegrass and Acoustic Roots Music and develop and manage over 30 social media sites focused on North Carolina. So feel free to contact and connect with them with a friendly hello.

Thank you again to The Mast Farm Inn.

How To Re-Purpose Content: 11 Ways

how to repurpose contentOkay, so everyone reading this understands the power of content. There isn’t much argument that content is king. It is also true that creating consistently compelling content can be quite a challenge.

Some of you hire others to do this on a full-time basis. Others have outsourced part of their content production. And some are doing it on top of everything else they have to do for their business. Whatever you choose, the need to generate ideas is a constant.

This can become a stumbling point. You want to maximize your content with instructional videos, white papers, podcasts, newsletters, blog posts… the list keeps growing. It is true that creating content can be downright hard work. But there are also ways to ease the burden significantly and one of the best is to re-purpose content.

Some find the idea of re-purposing a little off-putting. Isn’t it kind of like re-heating leftovers? Maybe it doesn’t taste terrible, but it is not as good as a fresh meal. But you shouldn’t take the “leftover” point-of-view. If the content is quality, getting it in different formats simply expands its reach. And re-purposing is not about re-posting content. You can re-purpose in a bland way or you can give it a new twist and re-purpose with attitude.

Here are 11 ways to re-purpose content.

  1. Take a PowerPoint presentation you have for clients and record it (Make minor revisions if needed). Post it to YouTube and/or SlideShare
  2. Take your existing white paper and break it down into blog post-sized chunks. Revise each of these chunks and use for your blog. And, of course, you can gently promote your white paper at the bottom of each post.
  3. Do the opposite of the idea above by blogging a white paper. Create a series of blog posts around a common theme. Then weave them together to form a white paper.
  4. Interview clients to create case studies. Record interviews and use as material for podcasts.
  5. Use your case studies to reach out to journalists. Perhaps one of them would make the basis for a good story in an industry journal or website.
  6. Re-purpose your own reading. You probably do a fair amount of reading through the web, industry publications, and books. Why not take one extra step and become a content curator for your audience? This could be as simple as a monthly email that briefly reviews and links to what you read.
  7. When you answer a customer question via email, paste a copy of the question and answer in a separate document. Once you have enough saved, you have either a FAQ document or the main content for a compelling blog post.
  8. Are you regularly creating offline marketing materials? If so, are you adding this content as another page on your website? Almost any offline  piece can be put on the web with some light editing.
  9. Interviewing industry experts can be a re-purposing bonanza. The audio can be podcasts. You can transcribe and edit them and turn them into an eBook. You can use themes from each interview as a central topic for a blog post.
  10. Document several of your social media campaigns and use it to create a guide or eBook. Take your reviews of social media campaigns and expand them in to guide or book format. You demonstrate expertise and beef up your credibility.
  11. If a particular video you post on YouTube gets a lot of views or hits viral status, write about the experience on your blog.

Those are some starter ideas. More important than these suggestions is to enter into the mindset where you are looking for new ways to use existing content.

One word of caution: It is usually a bad idea to use the exact same content in an almost identical format. So simply moving a blog post without change to become part of your newsletter doesn’t cut it. But teasing a popular post in your newsletter is a great idea. Or you could use the same core content but pick one area to isolate and expand upon.

Yes, creating content can be hard work but is easily done by making it a little simpler by finding your re-purpose with attitude.

Saturday Inspiration: Let Your Spirit Soar

As we strive to make life better through difficult times, hearing the wisdom of those who have struggled, questioned and dreamed before us can make those times easier.  When you feel the struggle is wearing you down, stay focused, keep a positive attitude and develop the mindset that life will get better because it will. Avoid the negativity and let your spirit soar.

let your spirit soar

Below, are five of my favorite quotes I turn to for inspiration, hope and reinforcement that life must go on during difficult times.

“We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope.” ~ Martin Luther King

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” ~ Japanese proverb

“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” ~ Robert Schuller

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” ~ Kenji Miyazawa

“We should always pray for help, but we should always listen for inspiration and impression to proceed in ways different from those we may have thought of.” ~ John H. Groberg

The next time you feel life has let you down with road blocks leading to difficult times, remember to stay strong and tell yourself, I can make it through this. With determination and positivity, I will conquer, see my way through the darkness and let my spirit soar.



Summer Travel: 5 Beaches That Are A Must To Visit

Beautiful empty beach

Are you planning to take some time to travel this summer but don’t want to visit your usual destination? If so, these 5 beaches that are a must to visit during summer travel. You may just find your new “go to” beach for summer vacations.

1) Lake Tahoe

Featuring more than 72 miles of sandy beaches, Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. But this isn’t just your ordinary freshwater beach destination. This Californian lake offers some truly memorizing scenery with snow-capped mountains blanketing the horizon and virtually crystal-clear waters. If you ever find yourself around the Lake Tahoe region, check out Zephyr Cove or Emerald Bay for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can even grab a bite to eat at one of Lake Tahoe’s many waterside restaurants.

2) Amelia Island

Nestled inside Florida’s Sea Island chain, Amelia Island is a remarkable beach that’s often overlooked by tourists and vacationers. It offers 13 miles of pristine white sands along the Atlantic Ocean with native wildlife, local events, shopping and more. Amelia Island has won numerous awards over the years, including the Top 10 North American Islands award by Conde Nast Traveler’s Choice Award for seven years in a row.

3) Lanai, Hawaii

Also known as Pineapple Island because of its history as a pineapple plantation, Lanai is the smallest Hawaiian island that’s open to the public. But don’t let its small size fool you into thinking it’s just another obscure patch of sand in the Pacific Ocean. Lanai offers 18 miles of untapped beaches with a nearby golf course, restaurants, water attractions and more. Be warned, though, you may have trouble reaching the island, as transportation to and from Lanai is limited.

4) Bandon, OREGON

Located on the south-end of the mouth of the Coquille River is a quaint beach-side Oregon town called Bandon. In addition to marveling at the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, beach-goers here can enjoy horseback riding, kayaking, fishing, shopping, hiking, camping, and exploring Bandon’s sand dunes and lighthouses.

5) York Beach, Maine

York holds the title of being the second oldest town in Maine (only after Kittery). York Beach is an unincorporated seaside community within the City, consisting of Long Sands and Short Sands beaches. What makes this area unique, however, is the fact that you can enjoy both the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Maine here.

Which beach is your favorite to visit for summer travel?


10 Ways To Be Successful At Networking Events

10 Ways To Be Successful At Networking EventsNetworking events have been a big part of the business and social scene for as long as anyone can remember. When attending an event, it is imperative to encompass the goal of helping others first which is old cliché that is often left at the door. When headed to your next event, keep in mind you want to have earned the right, honor, privilege, and respect to be able to meet with them again.

The main agenda when attending networking events is to not sell yourself. Instead, it’s an opportunity to build a relationship by engaging in conversation, getting to know each other and being yourself. Here are 10 ways to be successful at networking events.

1. Leave your troubles or problems at the door. Enter with a smile, be energetic, positive and outgoing.

2. When entering the networking event, you should thank the host then move on to finding someone new to introduce yourself to. This will help keep you in the right frame of mind as to why you’re attending.

3. When you meet someone for the first time, use it as an opportunity to get to know them. Don’t try to sell them anything. Rather, begin to establish a relationship by giving them your entire focus and listening.

4. Think ahead and always have a plan when attending. It keeps you on task, makes it easier to stay focused and achieve your expected outcome.

5. When giving a person your card, personalize it by hand writing your cell or personal email number on it. This will cause the recipient to feel that they are receiving something special.

6. When a person is talking to you, be sure to look directly at them. Giving a person your full attention with your eyes will encourage them to share more.

7. Start a conversation with someone who is standing by themselves. They’ll be happy to have someone to talk to them and, as a result, will many times open up with valuable information. Avoid approaching two people who are talking.

8. During the course of a conversation, use the other person’s first name two or three times. People always like to hear their own name and it will help you to remember it when the discussion is over.

9. As a way of demonstrating your networking skills, introduce each new person you meet to at least one other person. Be the one that gives, connects and is resourceful.

10. Follow up with a handwritten “Thank You” card to those you had direct contact with and include something from the discussion. This shows how well you were listening and that you are interested in building a lasting relationship.

A networking event is not a time to see how many business cards you can acquire or how popular you can become. Rather, it is a time to develop a few relationships that have potential in growing your business.

How To Grow Your Brand Using Video On Social Media

using video on social mediaAs a brand, it is important we encompass a positive image and unique presence on Social Media to grow and be of lasting value to others. If your brand is new or having issues with doing so, it is possible by using video on Social Media.

When promoting a positive image and unique presence, a brand needs to keep in mind it’s about connecting with the audience and customers by getting them engaged and including them. By doing so, the brand creates a path for customers to build relationships, spread the word and keeps them coming back for more. One way this is done is to put a face behind who your customers and audience speak and do service with on Social Media. This is something I and many others look for to get a better feel and understanding of who we are conversing with but what some look for doesn’t stop there.

The key to keeping the positive image and presence is to be authentic, original and unique in doing so. This is done by enhancing it through the use of video which takes it above and beyond the profile face pictures you find on a companies website, blog and Social Media networks. By using video, a brand is giving their audience, current and potential customers a look from the outside in further deepening the connection. There are several ways to make this happen.

  • Create a short video with enthusiasm from each team member within the brand. No one likes, “Just another boring video” so it’s important to create it with zazz and make it interesting and fun. In this video, state your name, what your position is, and what makes your position fun and enjoyable.
  • Give your audience and customers a look into your daily life by showing them around your companies work environment. Put them in your shoes and give them reason to do business with you. After all, they are your brand and fuel your success and growth.
  • Do a weekly or even daily Q&A live broadcast with your customers and audience using the Meerkat or Periscope mobile app. This is your chance to gather feedback and ideas, ask and answer questions and pose solutions one may have.
  • Create a personal video of the person responsible for managing the companies social media accounts. Basically, the person responsible for engaging and sharing content. If more than one individual tweets from the account, make sure each one has a personal video. Tweet the video link at the start of each day or when the account is changing users. Include in the video the person’s name, a relevant greeting and the question, “Is there anything that I can help you with today?”
  • Thank your customers and audience weekly in a video. Give a shout out to people on Twitter that follow you, people that have liked your brand page on Facebook. Make it personal, show gratitude and let them know they are never forgotten.
  • Post all videos on the brands YouTube account, landing page on Facebook  and Twitter as I discussed above. As far as the team video, post it on the brand’s website as a welcome.

By using video, the brand is raising their profile, promoting a positive image and enhancing brand value. This connects the brand with their customers and audience in a unique way and shows them the brand has took the time to create it for them. Basically saying, we care about and value you. I understand this might be time consuming but by investing in this time it is sure to create a remarkable ROI as many customers are looking for this type of aspect in a brand and sharing what the brand is doing.

So is your brand ready to enhance their image and presence by being unique, authentic and make a lasting impression through the use of video?




How To Be Successful With Twitter Marketing

successful with twitter marketingJust as Google is a giant among search engines, so is Twitter among social media marketing sites. According to, Twitter boasts an impressive 974 million users. Even so, many businesses attempting to leverage the incredible marketing potential offered by Twitter often make critical mistakes. Such mistakes not only decrease the reach and efficiency of a business’s marketing efforts but also do not allow them to realize the true profit potential that can be achieved by mastering Twitter marketing.

A recent survey published by Social Media Marketing University found that an astounding 96.2% of companies experience challenges in accomplishing specific goals with Twitter marketing. Despite these challenges, the survey concluded that almost 65% of companies still believe Twitter to be an effective tool for marketing.

Measure Your ROI 

According to, there are several components involved in measuring social media marketing ROI. The key; however, is understanding what each of those elements actually means. For instances, “follows” are obviously important, but what do they mean for your brand? Engagement. The more follows your brand has, the more potentially active and engaged your total customer base could be. Using tools such as GroSocial and Brandwatch can assist you in measuring the success of specific hashtags and keywords.

Use The Right Twitter Voice

According to, social networks such as Twitter act as a platform for personal connection and dialogue. Brands that are unfamiliar with interacting with customers and clients in conversational tones may find this platform to be challenging. Effective Twitter marketing communications requires understanding how to develop the right message for the right consumer target and distributing it through the proper channels. With Twitter, message development is a critical element of success that business owners cannot ignore. What can companies do to develop the right social media voice?  Marketing Land reports there are three crucial C’s necessary for a brand to develop a successful social media voice: culture, community, and conversation. The following steps can help you to implement those important elements to create a voice that will resonate with your target audience on Twitter.

1. Identify what makes your business unique and different from the competition. Allow your company’s personality to shape and inspire your social media voice.

2. Stop talking so much about your company and take the time to listen to your audience. Discover their concerns and problems. Learn what it is that your audience wants from you.

3. Ask yourself what it is that you bring to the social media table. It could be industry updates, product promotions, and inspiration or motivation. Whatever it is, identify it and then disseminate it with authenticity and your own unique personality.

Character Limitations 

There is no denying that the 140-character limit imposed by Twitter can make it incredibly difficult to communicate marketing messages in an effective manner to targeted consumers. Even so, it is necessary. Those companies who master it have a significant advantage over competitors who do not. The following tips can help you to write more with less and still tap into the power of Twitter: 1. Shorten your words, condense your ideas, and ensure that your message sticks to the heart of what you want to say. 2. If your idea cannot be expressed in 140 characters or less, consider writing two tweets, but only do so if it is absolutely necessary. 3. Write a blog post and then add a link to it for more detailed information.

Target The Right Users

It is well known that one of the easiest ways to increase your number of followers on Twitter is to follow other people. Yet, at the same time, it is important to make certain that you are following the right Twitter users who can increase your exposure, boost your reputation, and improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Locating those users who are most likely to benefit your marketing efforts is not always easy, but these steps can help:

1. Ensure your presence on Twitter is visible by linking to your Twitter account from LinkedIn, Facebook, your blog, email signatures, etc.

2. Keep your tweets on topic and focus on adding real value.

3. Use themed hashtags to ensure new followers find you.

4. Use searches and hashtags to develop a strategic plan for following new people.

Develop An Effective Campaign

What is it that you hope to accomplish through marketing on Twitter? For most companies, the ultimate answer is to increase profits, but there could be many different ways of going about it. Do you wish to create a direct path to customer purchase? Are you interested in creating buzz about a new product? Whatever it is, the following steps can help you to accomplish your goals:

1. Establish objectives. Determine what it is that you want to get out of your Twitter campaign.

2. Identify a topic that is meaningful. Ensure the topic you use is meaningful and relevant to your target audience, as well as consistent with your company’s brand positioning.

3. Select a hashtag that is compelling, catchy, short, and relevant.

4. Consider partnering with other Twitter users for greater exposure. Ensure the partners you choose are relevant and complementary to your business, but not competitors.

5. Offer incentives. Contests and giveaways provide incentives for followers to become engaged in your campaign.

Although it may be challenging to develop an effective marketing campaign on Twitter, the exposure and rewards are certainly well worth the effort for businesses of all sizes and from all sectors.