• 4 Productivity Hacks For Higher Achievement

    4 Productivity Hacks For Higher Achievement

    We all want to become more productive. The busy world we live in challenges us to get as much accomplished as possible with the time that we have.

    Its a challenge that explains both stagnancy and rapid success.

    For better or for worse, your productivity determines how much work you get done.

    We have all witnessed the super productive people in action and wonder where they get it from. I want to clear a myth right away.

    No one is born with productivity. Productivity, just like anything else, is a skill that you acquire over time by practicing at it every day.

    You can boost your productive regardless of how productive you are. I used to play video games every day and never work on my business. Thats proof productivity is a skill that you develop over time.

    To flex your productivity muscles, utilize these 4 productivity hacks.

    Do a Little Bit Each Day

    The reason highly productive people are so productive is because they turned productivity into a habit. They dont think about doing the work. They just do it.

    You turn productivity into a habit by being productive every day. Once you do something for 66 straight days, thats when it turns into an effortless habit.

    You do it without any friction. You attack your work without any delay.

    Doing something a little bit each day will also allow you to get more skilled at that activity every day. You dont get fast by running today and then never running again. You get fast by running throughout the year.

    Do a little bit each day. You will be amazed by your productivity and your results.

    Become A Super Learner

    We know the importance of learning. Weve heard people say things like our leaders are readers and that (implemented) knowledge is power.

    But the thought of reading a long book for hours is daunting. Some people decided to solve this problem by speed reading.

    However, the methods of speed reading weaken your vision because your eye functions like a lazy eye.

    Get the knowledge now and have worse eye vision later. Do you want to make that trade-off?

    The good news is that you dont have to. Amazon doesnt just provide books. It also provides audiobooks. You can have the book read to you at a fast pace and then take notes.

    That way, you can readthrough the books and absorb the material faster.

    You can also watch YouTube videos and skim through blog posts. The knowledge you learn will allow you to approach your work with greater intensity.

    Focus On Your Priorities

    Not all of the goals you accomplish are created equal. Some goals produce massive results while other goals produce next to no results.

    To avoid putting the time you spend working in the wrong direction, you must focus on your priorities.

    Priorities are ranked based on three factors

    1. The deadline for the goal
    2. The anticipated results
    3. Your desire to do the work

    The anticipated results and your desire to do the work are the more important factors that form a priority. Thats because in the most part, when its your work, you choose the deadline.

    Dont accomplish goals just to say that you accomplished your goals. Accomplish your goals for the sake of the impact.

    Outsource 80% Of Your Business

    You have probably heard of the Pareto Principle. If not, then I am honored to enlighten you.

    The Pareto Principle states that 20% of the work that you do brings in 80% of your results. In other words, most of the results you get only come from 1/5 of your work.

    However, most people stop there with the Pareto Principle. They either dismiss it or simply try to find out what that 20% of the work is. There is another side to the Pareto Principle.

    80% of your work is bringing in 20% of your results. So much of your time being spend to only bring in 1/5 of your results.


    But what if you could outsource that 80%. Not only would you save more time, but then you could hone in on the 20% of your work that brings forth 80% of the results.

    Its not enough to know that 20% of your work brings in 80% of your results. The real task at hand is to make that 20% bigger.



    Marc Guberti is a teenager entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and author. He is the co-founder of Teenager Entrepreneur: a movement that educates and empowers teens worldwide with the knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs.


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