• 5 Business Apps To Save You Time and Money

    Time-is-Money1Business apps are a great way to ensure that your company is doing everything it can to ensure profitability. That is why it is important to keep up with the various developments in the world of business apps, to ensure that each company is utilizing all of its resources. While many businesses have New Year’s resolutions to improve productivity or net revenue, for example, these resolutions can be forgotten through the course of the year. It can be exceedingly difficult to stay motivated. However, by taking a look at these five business apps, many business owners will find they are able to ensure many of the resolutions such as saving time and money can be maintained.

    goalGETTER Can Help Keep Goals in Focus

    Each year, many business owners find that setting realistic goals is a great way to ensure they are able to generate the type of revenue that will set them up for a prosperous year. goalGETTER is a free app that allows users to input their savings amount before selecting various goals that they have. These goals could be to generate a specific amount of revenue each month, for example. After inputting the goals, the app is able to track the savings in order to monitor the distance for achieving the goal. This can help business owners to stay motivated to work hard.

    The Mint App Can Help to Reduce Debt

    Saving money and reducing debt are both extremely important to most business owners. In order to do this, they should know where their money is going. The Mint app categorizes transactions and allows business owners to keep better track of where they are putting their money.

    LearnVest Gives Helpful Advice

    The LearnVest app allows users to have a free 15-minute call with a person who is a planning expert and can give advice and support. The app connects to business owners’ financial accounts and shows the real-time spending numbers. This helps these business owners set their financial goals.

    Personal Capital App Allows Business Owners to Track Investments

    Investments are an important component to many businesses. The app tracks the investments by the account, security, and asset class. The app lets users know how their investments are doing, and these can be compared to the indices.

    SavedPlus Is Automatic Saving

    With the SavedPlus app, business owners are able to select a percentage of their revenue that they want to save. Every time a purchase is made, some money will go into a savings account. For example, if the business owner spends $100, and wants to save 10%, $10 will be deposited into a savings account when the purchase is made.

    Using an app to guide the goals of a company can be extremely valuable, and apps like these are vital for many business owners. Often this technique is much more practical and simple than the traditional pen and paper method, or manual computer entries. By using these five great apps, businesses can save more time and money this year. Ultimately, that is the goal of most business owners.

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