• 5 Methods To Boost Your Twitter Engagement

    5 Methods To Boost Your Twitter EngagementEngaging with people on Twitter allows you to build relationships and get exposed to new opportunities. Most of the podcast interviews and guest blogging opportunities I have received were directly because of relationships I built with Twitter. However, engagement isnt just for getting opportunities. You also get to know your audience better and how much of an impact your tweets have on them. To discover more about your audience and get more opportunities from the relationships you build, follow these five methods to boost your Twitter engagement today!

    Post *Valuable* Content

    Posting valuable content ensures people will continue following you. Some of your followers will engage with your valuable content and start a conversation with you. Many people talk about the importance of posting valuable content. So whats with the asterisks? Its important to remember that the content you define as valuable and the content your targeted audience defines as valuable may be two different things. I have read several articles about running faster, but I never tweet them out. I think those articles are valuable, but my targeted audience wants valuable articles about digital marketing or motivation. Thats why I exclusively tweet content related to digital marketing or motivation.

    Thank The People Who Share Your Content

    When someone shares one of my blog posts on Twitter, I will either favorite the tweet or personally thank the person for sharing my blog post. It only takes a few minutes to go through your Twitter notifications tab and respond to everyone. However, those few minutes are worth it. You get to know your audience and build stronger relationships. Some of these people will continue sharing your content after the first encounter and others will ask you to be on a podcast show or be a contributor for a blog. Keep thanking the people who share your content. Its the right thing to do, and you never know what surprises will happen later on.

    Reply Each Time Someone Replies To You

    Part of getting more engagement on Twitter is extending the conversations you find yourself in. Ask questions during the conversation and add insights that make the conversation continue. I have had some conversations with my Twitter followers that have lasted for several days. I got to know those people especially well. When it comes to conversations on Twitter and in real-life, it is better to have one meaningful and fun conversation than it is to have 10 conversationsthat only last a few seconds each.

    Start Conversations Or Get Into Conversations With People Like You

    When you have some free time, take a look at other Twitter users like yourself. Try engaging with their tweets or ask them a question. You may want to see how this person engages with other users to get an idea of how you should start the conversation. Starting a conversation is just one way to get involved. If you see a group of people talking about something related to your niche, feel free to jump in. Twitter chats are great for this method. For my niche, there are many chats that happen on Twitter every month in which people discuss topics in my niche for an hour. Buffer and HootSuite are just two of the many businesses that host their own chats on Twitter multiple times per month. Twitter chats are great for engaging with people like you and for building strong relationships.

    Tweet More Often

    Ill never know why people are afraid of tweeting so much. I have read many articles about how many times we should be tweeting each day. One article says eight tweets per day. The other says 12. One expert says 16 times per day. The other expert says six times per day. Each person has a magic number that they encounter through enough experimentation. My magic number happens to be over 100 tweets per day (more than one tweet every 15 minutes). How did I come across a number that big? Timezones throughout the world make it possible for me to tweet every 15 minutes. When I, a New Yorker, send a tweet at 8 am, I know most people in California wont see it when it gets sent. That is, unless Californians like waking up at 5 am just to check their Twitter activity (Im sure they like sleeping at that time). If someone from London sends a tweet at 9 am, then Im not going to see it. When it is 9 am in London, it is also 4 am in New York. I am not staying up at that time just to see one tweet. To get past this problem, I tweet more than once every 15 minutes. This allows me to build an international audience since different timezones are no longer an issue. Ever since I made the change based on timezones, I have been interacting with people from all around the world. You only get that interaction happening if the person in the other country can see your newly published tweet at a reasonable hour.

    Boosting your Twitter engagement will transform your Twitter strategy. When I started engaging with my Twitter followers more often, I got to know my audience better. Opportunities such as podcast interviews and guest posts were awesome bonuses. Knowing your audience better lets you know how you can better serve them. If you can serve your audience well, the people within that audience will be magnetized to your content and journey.



    Marc Guberti is a teenager entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, and author. He is the co-founder of Teenager Entrepreneur  a movement that educates and empowers teens worldwide with the knowledge they need to become successful entrepreneurs.


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