• 5 Tips on Choosing a Great Domain Name in 2013

    Unless you live on a deserted island, words like Facebook, Google, YouTube, or Twitter have probably crossed your ears or lips within the last 24 hours. If you add a .com to the end of any of these words, you will find their website. Besides being household names, their websites are all within the top 10 global sites on the Internet.

    While a domain name is not a high ranking global site because if their inherent keywords, the companies have branded themselves. Now, their domain names are easily remembered.

    When you start your business, the first thing you should do is decide if you are trying to attract a targeted audience with a specific niche or create a brand name for yourself. These goals will determine how you choose your domain name. Here are 5 tips on choosing a great domain name in 2013.

    1. Keep it short and sweet. Unless you are really drilling down into a micro-niche, you don’t want to have a really long one. While this may work for reaching those very targeted customers, it probably won’t catch on nor fit on a business card. It should be something easily remembered.

    2. Go with a .com. This tip is always up for debate, but if you can, get a .com. If you are set on a specific keyword or name, consider .net or .org. This may change in the future, but for now, almost every time you are better of with a .com.

    3. Don’t use hyphens or numbers. If you are trying to brand your site, adding dashes or numbers just makes it more difficult for people to remember or type. It also doesn’t look professional in most cases.

    4. Spell the name correctly. Misspellings used to be an old SEO trick to lure in searchers who accidentally misspelled a word. While this may have worked with Flickr.com, they have since bought the domain Flicker.com to prevent people from going to the wrong site. Just spell the keyword correctly.

    5. Be sure the keyword is relevant. Don’t try and fool people with an optimized keyword that has nothing to do with the content of your site. If you choose the domain weightlosstips.com (probably not available) only to lure them in to a landscaping or jewelry website, you will fail.

    Remember, your domain is essentially your address. While you can decorate the site anyway you want and change the content as well as the look and feel, the address can’t be changed. Choose wisely. Choose carefully.

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