• 6 Ways To Get More Mentions On Social Media

    Are you worried that no one is talking about you or your brand on Facebook? Do you keep obsessively refreshing the mention page on your Twitter feed in hopes of seeing fresh mentions of your business, only to find that there are no new ones every time? There is a solution with six ways to ensure you receive more.

    Make Content Easy to Share

    One of the easiest ways to increase your mentions is to make your online content easier to share. When adding blog posts, creating new webpages, or adding a new news item to your homepage, always make sure that there’s at least a “tweet this,” “like on Facebook,” and “share on LinkedIn” button nearby. Web users are used to quick interactions, and anything you can do to break down barriers between consuming content and sharing content will increase the likelihood of your content being shared.

    Provide an Incentive

    Another great way to increase your mentions is to offer something in return for sharing your updates. Many promo campaigns have gone social now, and will offer incentives such as: “Share this update on your Facebook wall to be entered in a drawing to win a pair of designer sunglasses.” People are much more likely to share something if there’s a chance they’ll get something out of it for themselves.

    Give People Something They Want

    In addition to offering promos such as free giveaways, you can also increase your mentions simply by providing people with what they want, right away. A “how to” article, fun images with tips and weird news stories – these are all items that get great traction on social media. Share one of the above in a way that relates to your business and adds value for others and watch the retweets, likes and shares multiply.

    Ask For It/Call To Action

    Sometimes the best way to get something you want is to ask for it. Market research has found that on average, brands will increase their retweet and share rates by twenty three times, simply by asking for retweets and a simple call to action.

    Reciprocal Sharing

    Since asking for retweets works, imagine how pleased others would be if you approached them asking if you could share any of their content for them. You’d be surprised at how much sharing other people’s content can increase your own mentions. Simply by providing other users with a service, you are increasing the likelihood that they will want to return the favor.

    Give Credit To Your Sources

    When you share a link on Twitter, always remember to include the original source by typing “via @Twitterhandle” (where “Twitterhandle” is the username of the original poster) at the end of your tweet. This includes your source in the conversation, and also encourages them to retweet your tweet, especially if your tweet involves some sort of interesting comment or observation that relates to the link you’re sharing.

    It’s important to not just have a presence on social media, but to have one that makes a real impact, creates a valuable experience for another individual and engages. It is crucial that your feed and stream is engaging and not just another broadcast or billboard. Talk with people, not at people.

    What are ways you use to get more social media mentions?

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  1. All great ideas, Jason. Isn’t it funny how it often comes down to basic common sense and good manners, but we still mess it up? Lol!

  2. Jason Houck says:

    Thanks, Gina. Absolutely! I think most just hope and think, if I just share it somebody will like it and unfortunately it does take a little work which is common sense. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Super tips! Karma. What you give out returns to you multiplied. I could never reach tens of thousands of people daily on my own BUT if I promote hundreds of people daily others will do the same for me.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Jeff Maass says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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