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    I wanted to share with you one of my papers I wrote in English class. I hope you find it useful and very informative.

    A study shows, “… 1 in 9 million [sic] children in the United States have at least one parent who is of homosexual orientation” (Perrin 341). For this statistic to become successful and grow, the legalization of same-sex marriage needs to be passed by legislature of every state in the United States. This, in return, contributes success to increased numbers of adoptions by homosexual couples. Adoption by gay and lesbian couples benefits the couple, the child in need of adoption, and society.

    To begin with, legalizing same-sex marriage will positively impact the adoption of children by same-sex couples. Each parent in a gay relationship or marriage will have rights over their children that would be equal to rights for straight parents. If one of the parents were to die, the other parent’s legal rights would be protected. Also, health benefits from both parents would cover the child’s medical expenses. Each parent has the right to consent to important decisions for the child’s educational future. Parent’s custodial rights are protected in the case of separation or divorce. If legally married, parents would be able to pass their estates on to their children as do heterosexual parents. When a child’s legal status is not secure, then other individuals with various motives can interfere with the custodial rights of the gay parents. For example, the biological parent can request to have his or her rights re-established. In addition to the biological parent, the foster home can try to take the child back into their own custody. Gay parents have the same ability to parent successfully as straight couples do. Ellen C. Perrin, MD reports that if each of a child’s parents is involved in the parenting, then the parents should receive some type of legal identification. When some type of legal identification is not recognized, the child is not able to be legally secure, and have emotional awareness that usually comes from two secure parents. Clear data from research shows that gay and lesbians who parent children are not putting the children at a disadvantage. The children have the same lives as other children. (Davis 1) The research data reports that straight and gay parents have very similar attitudes toward parenting skills. The main point Perrin is trying to convey is all parents want to be the best parents possible. They want to do what is right for their children regardless of sexual orientation. To conclude, if homosexual marriage is not legalized across the United States, the child will not be secure when they are adopted by a homosexual couple.

    Another argument supporting gay adoption is children being raised by gay or lesbian parents have the same or better developmental skills and characteristics of a child being raised by a heterosexual couple. Studies indicate gay families and couples often have coping skills that are helpful for adopted children. Gay couples who adopt a child usually accept differences, and teach the child what being a minority encompasses. For example, Marty Rouse and his partner, Scott Sherman from Washington, DC, adopted Sasha at the age of 17 months. When Sasha was adopted, he was malnourished, underdeveloped emotionally, physically, and mentally. Seven months into the adoption, Sasha was completely transformed into a wonderful child and became more engaged in his surroundings. He also gained weight and was constantly happy. Scott Sherman and his partner close their story by saying, “We are not the heroes for adopting Sasha but we are the lucky ones for having this wonderful child” (Sherman 2). Gay couples are able to be open about sexuality with kids who have been sexually abused. Ellen C. Perrin, MD has concluded from research that children from gay homes are able to deal with diversity effectively. The child is often able to resolve conflict issues less aggressively than other children. The child develops a mature emotional and cognitive learning style development. Studies also show children raised by a homosexual couple are more affectionate and responsive. Same sex couples can be better parents because they are older, more highly educated, and have economic resources. Gay parents who are older have dealt with more troubles and issues that arise during their lifetime which results in wisdom to convey to the child. Along with wisdom, one out of four adoptive gay families has furthered his or her education with a bachelors or doctoral degree. Also, gay families tend to save more money and build up their bank accounts. To conclude, homosexual parents can provide the same lifestyle skills and at times even provide better to build a child’s character.

    Homosexual adoption has many positive impacts but also a few minor negative impacts. A survey by Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute in New York City, New York reports 60% of the nation accepts adoption applications from homosexual couples. However, there are still problems. In 2007 the South Florida Sun-Sentinal reports if Florida allows homosexuals to adopt, nearly 4000 children could be adopted and taken out of overcrowded foster homes and be given the chance to live better lives. Children adopted by a homosexual couple are faced with prejudices by being called homophobic names such as queer and faggot. In addition to the child being called homophobic names, the child is also sometimes faced with cruelty of others. For example, a child might be beaten up or injured by another child who is prejudice against homosexuals. To conclude, homosexual adoption could ease the over crowdedness in the foster home system. Furthermore, the result of homosexual adoption could make America more mainstream and put an end to people being prejudice over homosexuals.

    In conclusion, adoption by same sex couples is seen morally wrong by thousands of individuals. Nearly 11% of adopted children today are adopted by a homosexual couple. Several things make an adoption by a same sex-couple important but most importantly legalizing same sex marriage contributes the most to the adoption. Multiple people are benefited by a same sex adoption such as the couple, the child in need of adoption, and society. Adoption by a homosexual couple is a topic America should reconsider.

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    Being a gay man I can’t help but say Thank you!

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