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    As we all know being Social is hard for some people to do. To succeed in business and whatever we may do in life, we need to be social with everyone we come in contact with. I asked Gina a friend of mine to share with me how being social can have a huge positive impact on the way you succeed. I will now share with you what she had to say.

    Yeah, I’m social.

    I’m not media, just social. In fact if I’m anything, I’m a human.

    Yet, being social has morphed from simple gregariousness to something a bit more far-reaching.

    Why? People from all over the world are on social media and hey! I get to meet them! Singapore, England, Scotland, far reaches of Canada and the US, South America, Africa, you name it – there are people I consider to be friends (and vice versa) that I have met on Twitter. Oh, the opportunity was there before in small ways, but nothing like today’s avenues for reaching out to people of like – or unlike- minds.

    Yep, I’m social. And I like part of what’s happening in social media. Oh, there’s Twitter, and (wait, there used to be Plurk…), Facebook, and well just about 40 sites on which you can talk to various people. Usually, I use Twitter and another site for people interested in the same subject. Do I use Facebook? Not so much.

    Facebook is too slow for me! There’s little banter! I can post something and come back a bit later to maybe 20 additional posts in my circle of FB friends (the ones I haven’t hidden that do nothing but play incessant games or that only push their product or company). Maybe it’s my foray into the threaded bulletin board scene and like-interest chat rooms some years ago; I just like quicker responses, banter, and discussion.

    Twitter’s my thing. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to *just* do Twitter – and I don’t – but Twitter is where I meet people, hang out occasionally, and even do some business. Not my main source of business leads, but that’s ok. Now and again someone asks me a question about real estate, and I’m happy to share. And have biz in my pipeline from it. I do love to share info about real estate, some volunteer efforts, my faith, and other things. I blog, sure, but that’s not conversation, unless someone comments.

    I’m just as happy to talk with and get to know different people, and build relationships. That’s what social media is about for me – building relationships. Well… some relationships are more towboats than ocean liners, or more prop planes than 747’s, but you know what I mean. The variety of relationships is amazing, and I *get* to know all these people!

    Yes, I’m an extrovert. It’s an integral part of me to want to be around people, to talk with or laugh with or tussle on topics with people.

    It’s like having a few close relationships and otherwise a slew of people to talk with. I know musicians, writers, social media stars, developers, other Realtors, entertainers, pastors… What’s that? I *know* it’s on the computer – what? That’s not “real?” We share ideas, problems, solutions, hopes, dreams, fears, and happy, silly or scary-crazy times. When one of us is sick or having a bad time of it, the others rally around for support. When one of us has a wonderful accomplishment and we share it with our friends, they are there to support us and cheer us on. And when we changeup our goals and life and dreams, the wisest among us choose their words carefully so as not to burst our balloon of hope and ambition.

    It’s about relationships and all the messy goofy things that happen within the scope of those relationships. Somewhere in the human-ness of our interaction, we truly care about one another (even when liking each other isn’t necessarily a part of the equation). Relationships? That’s humanity. That’s real life. Yeah.

    Even on Twitter.

    I hope you have gained some useful information from this post. To learn more about Gina feel free to follow her on Twitter of visit her at This Land Is For You. Until next time, happy blogging.

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  1. Susie Kline says:

    I love twitter and the “relationships” I have developed there. I have learned so many new things from being there! And now I’ve followed Gina!

    Thanks, Jason!

  2. Tim G. says:

    Jason —

    Love the blog post if only because it reminds me of why I love twitter: the chance to connect with great people!

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