Blog World Expo Attendee List

I am very excited to announce I will be attending Blog World Expo this year which takes place on October 14-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada and what better way to network and connect early by getting to know each other. To make this possible, I am compiling a list of who is attending and which state they are from. This will give you a chance to get to know one another and take the opportunity to follow each other on twitter. If you don’t know someone then get to know them. You never know it could be the beginning of a great new relationship.


Wade Kwon – @WadeOnTweets blogs at Birmingham Blogging


Kristi Hines – @Kikolani blogs at

Jay Thompson – @PhxREguy blogs at The Phoenix Real Estate Guy

Alison Bills – @SheKnows_Alison Managing Editor at @SheKnows and She Knows

Brandy – @BrandyHagz Parenting Editor at @SheKnows and She Knows


Darren Rowse – @Problogger Blogger at Problogger

Annabel Candy – @GetInTheHotSpot blogs at Get In The Hot Spot


Sophia @TradingCradles and Trading Cradles

Babette – @BakeSpace Founder of Bake Space and #TECHmunch

Speaker Kelly Shibari – @KellyShibari President & CEO of HourGlass 8

Jennifer Holder – @JenJenHolder

Calvin Lee – @MayhemStudios Graphic Designer for Mayhem Studios

Jennifer Beese – @WriteOnGlass Community Manager at Write On Glass

Nina Hartley – @NinaLand Sex-Positivity Guru at Nina Hartley

Ruben Orozco – @RubenOrozco Founder of @TweetFind and

Angelo Ignacio – @Aignacio09 blogs at

Jamye Waxman – @Jamye blogs at Jamye Waxman

Serena Ehrlich – @Serena on the #techmunch PR Panel can be found on StartUp Army

Ryan Weiss – @Ryan_Weiss blogs at Virtual Ryan

Erik Deutsch – @ErikDeutsch on the #techmunch PR Panel Principal of  Excel PR Mashup

Brian Solis – @BrianSolis on the #techmunch PR Panel personal website at Brian Solis

Nick Shin – @Shinng blogs at Marketing Shindig

Srinivas Rao – @SkoolOfLife runs Blogcast FM

Sebastien Page – @SebastienPage Editor In Chief of iPhone Download Blog

Lori Moreno – @LoriMoreno shares her values of love and empowerment at Lori Moreno

Brent – @Function_ality blogs at Functionality

Kirsten Wright – @KirstenWright gets creative Wright Creativity

Kim Pham – @Kphamsmiles Administrative Assistant/Social Media Tech Gal at Team Sackin

Becky Carroll – @BCarroll7 Author of Customers Rock

Feldo Nartapura – @WheresFeldo blogs at Wheres Feldo

Justin Williams – @JustinJWilliams

John Shiple – @FreelanceCTO blogs at Freelance CTO

Speaker Michael Brito – @Britopian VP of Social Media at @EdelmanDigital Blogger at Britopian

Ginger Wilcox – @GingerW Founding partner and Chief Operating Officer at Social Media Marketing Institute Founder of Blog By The Bay

Tim Tyrell-Smith – @TimsStrategy blogs at Tims Strategy

Neal Schaffer – @NealSchaffer blogs at WindMill Networking

Efren Toscano – @Efren Founder of Tech Zulu

Amanda Coolong – @ACoolong the face at Tech Zulu and @TWICloudComp

Ryan Geist – @RyanGeist blogs at Influence

Liz Philips – @IizLiz blogs at i.iz.Liz

Jenna Langer – @JennaLanger Community Manager for @LiveFyre blogs at Jenna Langer

Anita Cohen Williams – @SearchGuru learn more at My Search Guru

Annett Davis – @FitMomsUnited Starting a Revolution at Fit Moms Fit Kids Club

Sarah Kay Hoffman – @SarahKayHoffman CM at @SearsFitness blogs at Digital Mention

Jeremy Pepper – @JSPepper blogs at POP!

Maria Brophy – @MariaBrophy blogs at Maria Brophy

Marsha Collier – @MarshaCollier doing a cooking demo with @RibGuy learn about Marsha Collier

Tina Hui – @TinaHui learn about Tina Hui

Indra Gardiner – @BGIndra blogs at Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid

Zach Davis – @ZRDavis blogs at The Good Badger

Anna Cearley – @ACearley blogs at Across The Border

Hal Lublin – @Hallublin blogs at Hallublin

Jennifer Wilson – @JenWilsonPhoto blogs at Jennifer Wilson Photo

Richie Equid – @RichandCreamy blogs at Be Rich and Creamy

Social Rewards – @SocialRewards will be exhibiting as well and learn more about Social Rewards

Veronica Robbins – @VeronicaRobbins blogs at Grant Goddess

Leah Segedie – @BookieBoo blogs at MamaVation


Jon Angevine – @JonAngevine Associate Broker at Calgary Realty

Katie Tallo – @Katie_Tallo blogs at Momentum Gathering

Speaker Nathalie Lussier – @NathLussier blogs at Raw Food Switch

Speaker Maggie Fox – @MaggieFox Founder & CEO of Social Media Group

Speaker Jeremy Wright – @JeremyWright blogs at Ensight

Yukari Peerless – @YukariP blogs at Everybody Else Is Already Taken found on YouTube as Engage RY

Tim Hoven – @TimHoven President of Kingsland Farmers Market and Organic Beef Farmer at Hoven Farms

Core Corina – @CoreCorina blogs at BlogTO

Erin Ryan – @TheErinRyan Co-Host of @SocialBlade and Social Blade Show

Speaker Dave Fleet – @Davefleet blogger at Dave Fleet VP at Edelman Digital in Toronto

Carla Young – @CarlaYoung blogs at Momeo Magazine

Alex Kinsella – @AlexKinsella blogs at Alex Kinsella


Speaker Lucretia M Pruitt – @LucretiaPruitt blogs at The Social Joint

Kathy Nicholls – @KathyNicholls blogs at Mt Tools Online

Richard Grote – @HeyRich works on @SpotInfluence blogs at Spot Influence

Daryle Dickens – @DaryleDickens blogs at Zaxata

Chris Montera @GeekyMedic blogs at EMS Garage


Marty McPadden – @MartyMcPadden blogs at Marty McPadden

District of Columbia

Kiki L ‘Italien – @Kikilitalien blogs at Soupy Kiki

Rob Birgfeld – @RobBirgfeld blogs at Smart Blogs Tweets professionally at @Sbosm

Michele McGraw – @ScrappinMichele can be found at Scraps of My Geek Life

Shannon Renee – @ShannonRenee blogs at Shannon Mouton


Syed Balkhi – @SyedBalkhi Designer for

Sandi McKenna – @McMedia part of @MidLifeRoadTrip blogs at Mid Life Road Trip

Leigh Caldwell – @ThemeParkMom blogs at ThemePark Mom and Traveling Mama’s

Stephanie Fauquet – @MommyMusings blogs at Mommy Musings and Traveling Mama’s

Allie Sullivan – @AshevilleAllie blogs at Allie Sullivan

Amber Osborne – @MissDestructo blogs at Destructo Deviations

Speaker David Risley – @DavidRisley Pro Blogger at David Risley

Jason Sadler – @IWearYourShirt Learn more at I Wear Your Shirt

Miss Brit – @MissBrit blogs at Miss Brit

Deborah Shane – @DeborahShane learn more at Train With Shane

Eileen Ludwig – @EileenLudwig blogs at Freelance Tourist Social Media School & Eileen Ludwig

Zippy Sandler – @Zipporahs blogs at Champagne Living


Jessica Kirkwood – @HeyJK Curates at Hands On Blog.

Jennifer – @Mami2Mommy blogs at Mami 2 Mommy

Rick Griffin – @RickGriffin part of @MidLifeRoadTrip blogs at Mid Life Road Trip

Yolanda – @CuponeandoLive blogs at YNR Live


Speaker Carleen Pruess – @Carleenp blogs at Beauty & Fashion Tech

David Armano – @Armano blogs at Darmano Senior Vice President at @EdelmanDigital

Speaker Suzanne Marlatt – @AppleGirl Community Manager at @EdelmanDigital Blogger at Loves Fool

Speaker Wendy Piersall – @EMom blogger at Momsational and Wendy Piersall

Michael Levy – @Michael_Levy blogs at Brittanica

Lisa Morosky – @LisaMorosky blogs at Lisa Morosky

Jason Rubacky – @JasonRubacky blogs at Jason Rubacky

James Allen Johnson – @TechObsessed owns Indy Posted


Nirav Sanghavi – @Nirav blogs at Blogadda


Jeffrey Ryan – @MediaGofer President of Media Gofer Inc.


Jordan Cooper – @NotAProBlog Stand-Up Comedian at Not A Pro Blog


Speaker Bridgette – @BridgetteLA Speaking on Friday at 12:15 about creating a blog network using @DoubleDutyDivas as an example. She blogs at Experimental Mommy

Shannon Hurst Lane – @Cajun_Mama blogs at Shannon Lane & Traveling Mama’s

Milena Merrill – @Locita2


Tinu Abayomi-Paul – @Tinu blogs at Free Traffic Tip

Maggie – @Maggielmcg blogs at Mizz Information


Hilary Allard – @Hallard on the #techmunch PR Panel can be found on The Castle Group


Dino Baskovic – @ProfessorDino blogs at Dino Baskovic Can’t Lose

Trisha Verma – @Tverma29 Manages The Official Tourism & Travel blog at Pure Michigan Blog

Audrey Walker – @TechSocialite Managing Director of @GITDet Interactive Designer at Audrey Lynn

Brian McClary – @BrianMcClary Specialist in Social Media & Emerging Media at @Ford

Scott Monty – @ScottMonty Head of Social Media @Ford blogs at Scott Monty

Brandon Chestnutt – @BChesnutt Marketing Guy @IdentityPR blogs at Community (In Real Life)

Henry Balanon – @Balanon iPhone app maker at Bickbot

Bill Rice – @BillRice blogs at Kaleidico

David Murray - @DaveMurr blogs at The Way Of The Murr


Speaker Lee Odden – @LeeOdden Speaking on Social Media SEO blogs at Top Rank Blog

Dave Folkens – @DFolkens Blogger at Dave Folkens


Are Morch – @AreMorch blogs at Are Morch


Ben Cook – @Skitzzo blogs at Skitzzo

Paula Lee Bright – @ChildWillRead blogs at Your Child Will Read


Scott Hale – @SJHaleStorm learn more about at Scott Hale

Omaha Steaks – @OmahaSteaks learn more about Omaha Steaks

Maren Hogan – @MarenHogan blogs at Travel Blog Exchange

Lance Lehman - @IIToolJay Senior Admin. of New & Emerging Media at Assurity


Eleanor Prior – @TheLVTweetUp blogs at Las Vegas Tweet Up

Desiree Peeples – @MommyReporter blogs at Mommy Reporter

Pete Housley – @PeteHousley Sr. Consultant/Partner at Naughty PR

Danielle Liss – @DanielleLiss blogs at Danielle Liss

Manya Susoev – @ManyaS blogs at Manya

New Hampshire

Andrew Hemingway – @GadgetFreeway learn more at Gadget Freeway

New Jersey

Robert Halper – @JNJVideo Manager of Johnson & Johnson Health Channel on YouTube

Amy Vernon – @AmyVernon Director of Viral Media Strategies at BlueGlass Interactive

New York

Loxly a.k.a Deborah – @Loxly Photographer & Digital Artist for Loxly Gallery

Ted Rubin – @TedRubin Creator of @OpenSkyProject

Speaker Jason Keath – @JakRose founder of @SoFresh blogs at Jason Keath

Barbara Bellesi – @TheWriteWoman and @CollegeBoundNet blogs at College Bound Creator of #CollegeBound

Gina LaGuardia – @GinaLaGuardia and @CollegeBoundnet Creator of Gina Laguardia & #CollegeBound

Kim Clune – @KimClune Writer, Web Designer at This One Wild Life CO-Founder of BTC4Animals

David Spinks – @DavidSpinks blogs at The Spinks Blog Founder of #u30pro will be exhibiting @blogdash

Adam Cohen – @DaDaRocks blogs at DaDa Rocks

Jennifer Cisney – @KodakCB Chief Blogger & Social Media Manager at Kodak also blogs at A Thousand Words

Speaker Matthew Cerrone – @MatthewCerrone blogs at Matthew Cerrone

Brett Petersel – @Brett Business Development, Community & Events @Mashable blogs at IWORKFORA

North Carolina

Speaker Kelby Carr – @TypeAMom blogs at Type A Mom

Chris Moody – @CNMoody Social Marketing Manager at @Bandwidth & @PhoneBooth blogs at Chris Moody

Speaker Wayne Sutton – @WayneSutton partner of @TriOut blogs at Social Wayne

Speaker Patrick O’ Keefe – @iFroggy Owner of iFroggy blogs at Patrick O’ Keefe Author of Managing Online Forums

Speaker Jeffrey L. Cohen – @JeffreyLCohen Personal blogger at Digital Paper Cuts Business blogger at Social Media B2B

Jim Tobin – @JTobin President of Ignite Social Media

Michelle Rogerson – @ChelbyCat blogs at Reina Communications

Farnoosh Brock – @ProlificLiving blogs at Prolific Living


Amy Schmittauer – @Schmittastic YouTube’s at Schmittastic blogs at Waking Up Amy

Mike Stenger – @MikeStenger blogs at Mike Stenger

Elijah Young – @ElijahRYoung Owner of @YoungUniversity blogs at Elijah R Young

Cheryl Harrison – @CherylHarrison blogs at Being Cheryl

Alison Bolen – @AlisonBolen Manages the blog program at SAS


Becky McCray – @BeckyMcCray Publisher of Small Biz Survival

Jeanie Witcraft – @jwitcraft blogs at unlaunched Imperfect Hearing


Mary Rarick – @Mary_Rarick blogs at Portland Family

Del – @DeltheDad blogs at Del The Dad

Kristin – @OurOrdinaryLife blogs at Our Ordinary Life

Speaker Scott Hanselman – @Shanselman blogs at Hanselman


Speaker Cecelia Mecca – @CoolBabyKid Editor at Cool Baby Kid, Co-Founder of @DoubleDutyDivas

Allison Boyer – @Allison_Boyer blogs at After Graduation

Cecily Kellogg – @Cecilyk blogs at Cecily Kellogg

Bill Lublin – @BillLublin blogs at Bill Lublin

South Carolina

Heather Solos – @HeatherSolos blogs at Home Ec 101


Sheila W. Cope – @SheilaCanCope blogs at Sheila Can Cope


Sheila Scarborough – @SheilaS Co-founder of @TourismCurrents blogs at Sheila’s Guide to the Good Stuff

Natanya Anderson – @Natanyap blogs at Fete & Feast

Karen Bantuveris – @VSpotMom & @VolunteerSpot curates the blog at Volunteer Spot

Zane Aveton – @Zaneology blogs at Zaneology

Kate Buck – @KateBuckJr Founder of KBJ Online Fly Girl @SocialSmack

Cameron Gawley – @CGawley CEO & Co-founder of @BuzzShift VP of @SMCDallas

Paul Thompson – @FlyingPhotog blogs at See Paul Go

Toni Jacaruso – @HotelNinja blogs at Jacaruso Enterprises

United Kingdom

Chris Garrett – @ChrisGarrett Co-Author of Pro Blogger Book and blogs at Chris G.


Ryan D. Sullivan – @NoMoreBacon Male weight loss blogger at No More Bacon

Skyler Meine – @SkylerMeine blogs at Ask Fitness Coach


Amber Karnes – @AmberKarnes blogs at My Aim Is True

Dean Holmes – @DeanHolmes blogs at Dean Holmes

Washington State

Nicole Rosen – @Nickelnm blogs & Finance Diva at Nicole Rosen

Bob Dunn – @CatsEyeDesign blogs at Savvy WordPress

Judy Dunn – @CatsEyeWriter blogs at Cats Eye Writer

Jason mKey – @JasonmKey blogs at Spark Plug Digital

Aaron Hockley – @AHockley blogs at Picture Pundit

Brian Crouch – @BrianCrouch in attendance with @Behringer blogs at Behringer

Lori Richardson – @ScoreMoreSales blogs at Score More Sales sales strategist and fundraising auctioneer

Bryan Dainty – @BryanVancUSA blogs at [B] Cause Media

Logan Thompson – @DrumminLogan blogs at Logan Thompson

Sarah Oriel – @PlanetJoshMom blogs at Planet Josh, Sarah’n Dipity and Momversation

West Virginia

Russell Dunkin – @RussellDunkin blogs at McKinley Carter Wealth Services and Russell Dunkin

Melissa DelGaudio – @Startabuzz learn more at Honey Bee Consulting


Jonathan Brewer – @HouseofBrew learn more at Meet-MeMe


Corrie – @VirtualFreedom blogs at Virtual Freedom 4 You

Stay tuned as I will be updating the list daily. If you know someone that I don’t have listed let me know at @Blogluvr29



37 thoughts on “Blog World Expo Attendee List

  1. What a great idea, Jason. Have been looking for a way to find locals who registered for BlogWorld 2010!
    My registration confirmation also had a link to find out who in my social networks is attending so I can “pre-connect” with them, too.

    This will be my first time, but I imagine it’s a pretty large crowd to try to find specific people after you get there.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  2. To Syed, Yes I am planning on arriving that Thursday. To Judy, This is my first ever Conference period. I admit that it will be hard to find people once there so this is why I am gathering a list to better help you connect before.

  3. Looking forward to seeing you there! Great list. One of the best ways to meet up with someone? Find a panel or session you both have in common and agree to meet there (usually at the end – sometimes we all end up getting there just a tad late due to awesome hallway interactions!)

    Looking forward to your post-BlogWorld post! :)

  4. This is awesome! I’m really looking forward to Blog World Expo, this will be my first time in Las Vegas – and I’m super pumped to be speaking! :)

    And Twitter is an awesome way to keep in touch / find out where people are hanging out. :)

  5. Thanks for the mention…can’t wait to attend for the first time and speak on the “Harnessing the Power of Numbers” panel with Bridgette (from Louisiana.) :)

  6. Very cool list!

    Glad you’re joining us. :)

    Shoot me an email when you get a sec. I have an idea.


    Dave Cynkin
    Co-Founder, CMO, Sleep Deprivationist & Thrill Seeker
    BlogWorld & New Media Expo

  7. Great list Jason!

    This was a really cool initiative. Great way to get sneak peak of attendees and their blog.

    I live in Mississippi and I will be there. Look forward to meet a lot of great new friends at Blog Expo 2010. This is my first time at Blog Expo.

    I will send you a tweet with my info.

    Cheers.. Are

  8. Thanks for adding me to the list Jason! I love it. This is such a useful resource and I love the way me and Darren are up there together! Go Australia:)

    I hope we’ll find each other in Vegas. I’ll look out for your Tweets and hope to recognise you from your profile pic:) So excited!

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  10. Hello,I am going to be there for the entire conference, tickled pink. From North Carolina. Would you be so kind as to add me? :)!

  11. Hope you can add me to the California list. 1st timer at #bwe10.

    Marketing Shindig –

    Thanks for doing this!

    Nick @shinng

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  13. Jason! First, it was great meeting you at the Omaha Steaks party. The food wasn’t bad either!! If it’s not too late, can you add me to this list? I think it’s just a great resource. And, if you have a chance to visit ‘the ParmFarm’, would love to have you stop by!! Please let me know if I there is ever any thing I can do to return the favor!

    Amy Parmenter

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  15. Jason,

    Just started following U on Twitter today. What a WONDERFUL IDEA to list attendees for Blog World Expo – Where do I go to sign up since I’ll be attending from California for BWE 2011 in L.A.? This year will be my first year there. Also, let me know how I can help U promote this concept.

    Janis Brett Elspas
    Mommy Blog Expert

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