• Blog World Expo Part 1

    The time has finally arrived to gear up for Blog World. In just two days, I will be flying the friendly skies with South West Airlines to Vegas where I will be meeting thousands of great connections. I have to admit that I am  nervous and excited with excitement winning the battle against nervousness. The biggest thing I am nervous about is will I fit in? The more I think about this question my worries about it fade more and more. I tell myself, I will fit in as long as I am myself and portray myself in person as I am portrayed online.

    Now the excitement begins. There are many things I am excited about and will share with you below what they are.

    1. The chance to fly across the states.
    2. Feed my passion of engaging and sharing my promote with others.
    3. Finally experience the sights & sounds of Vegas.
    4. Face to face networking with major brands.
    5. Meeting my genuine and quality Twitter followers.
    6. Learn tips on blogging and social media
    7. Finding a possible job connection.
    8. Tweet-ups
    9. Interviews
    10. Being in a social environment.

    As you can see excitement definitely out weighs my nervousness. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have a huge passion for being creative. I encourage you to look for me and if you run into me say hello. I am a very friendly person who loves a smile. Also, I encourage you to take them time and discuss with me options on how you are creative in blogging and social media. For those of you not attending Blog World I urge you to follow my tweets on twitter by following #bwe10.

    Now I want to hear from you. Tell me in a comment what you may be nervous or excited about in attending Blog World.

    Until I arrive in Vegas on Wednesday follow me @Blogluvr29 and lets start connecting and networking. It could be the beginning of a great new social media relationship. Remember, I am a simple individual with an open mind ready to connect with you.

    See ya in Vegas baby.

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  1. Mike Stenger says:

    I’m excited about all the networking, the flights, Las Vegas, staying at Luxor, the meetups/tweetups, you name it. I’m also a little nervous, really at the fact you don’t know what to expect when you get there.

    The thing is though, it’s nothing to really worry about or get nervous about if you just be you. My goal is to have fun and connect with as many people as I can, and I plan on doing exactly that.

    See you in Vegas and have a safe trip!

  2. Christi says:

    Thanks for flying Southwest to BWE10! We’ll be there too, you’ll have to stop by our lounge and say hello!


  3. Mike, I think you speak for most of us regarding being both excited and nervous. It’s my first time in Vegas and my first big time Social Media/Blogging/New Media conference. Just be yourself and you’ll definitely fit in. Looking forward to meeting you, staying at the Luxor and rockin’ BlogWorld. I’m especially looking forward to meeting great people like yourself and learning from each other. 🙂

  4. Jason Houck says:

    Thanks Christi. This will be my first time experiencing Southwest and very excited to finally fly with an airline with love.

  5. Jason, as another first timer to this conference, I think “nervous and excited” covers it! Still I am looking forward to the opportunities it will bring in learning, in networking, and in having a great few days. I’ll also be seeing the Elvis Cirque show courtesy of @cirque! It’s not my first time to Vegas, so I’m also looking forward to spending a little time relaxing in the casino! 🙂 See you there!

  6. Congrats on getting things together, and good luck at the event!

    Hope you find everything you are looking for, hope to meet you in person. 🙂

  7. 1. Nervous because I don’t have a twitter device, I use my computer. Should I buy one Tuesday. I have a cell phone that I rarely use.

    2. Nervous because walking distances is hard but renting a car is tooooo expensive.

    3. Nervous because of the expense of it all and it was not in the budget and still is not.

    4. Mixed emotions about going now that they are going to stream the main keynotes online FREE – Connections are good but at what costs

    5. Nervous because I have committed projects that must be done at the same time.

    6. NOT nervous about Vegas. Been there before on drive through trips (at least 2) and there are lots of fun things to do without spending money.

    7. Go watch the fountains at Bellagio. Go see the outside show at Treasure Island. Just walk through New York, New York. Go see Paris from the outside. Lots to photograph.

    8. Don’t play slots (no fun). Don’t play craps tables because there are no DOLLAR tables or it would be fun. Once used $20 and played for about two hours. Best to watch and enjoy others losing money.

    9. Just enjoy the lights and sounds

    10. Ignore the men on the street giving out Girlie cards but their own wives are probably covered from head to foot.

    11. Enjoy some shows that are inexpensive.

    12. Take a timeshare tour for show tickets or gambling chips but DON’t buy a timeshare, you can find them on ebay for under $5000

    13. Drinking isn’t fun, the lights and music are. The FREE things are.

    14. Make sure you make time for sleep.

  8. Jon Angevine says:

    First times for anything can always be nerve racking. Even though I have been to both Blog World and Vegas I still get nervous. Partly the big crowds and partly as Mike Stenger says you never know what to expect. Just plan to learn and have fun while getting to meet some great people!

    Don’t forget your good walking shoes and if you want a tour around the Strip just let me know as I always enjoy playing informal tour guide.

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