• How To Develop Personality For Your Brand

    personality_1When we all meet someone the personality they entail says a lot about what kind of person they are. The same holds true for a brand. It is very important as a brand to have personality. The reason this is true is because when people are looking to connect with a brand they look for an aspect about the brand that makes them feel comfortable and want to build a relationship with. Basically, your brands personality is whats perceived by others meaning your audience and consumers.

    When developing the personality of your brand ask yourself a couple questions that will aid you in developing the right one that will encompass a positive impact.

    • Who am I? What kind of results do I want to see?
    • Is my brand one that everyone wants to connect with or am I trying to target a specific audience?
    • Does my personality fit my brand identity and is it strong enough to make a lasting impression?
    • How do I want to be perceived by my customers and audience?
    • Does my personality define me?
    • If my brand were human what would be my characteristics?

    Once you develop your brand personality, the marketing strategy aspect of your brand becomes somewhat easier to create. Make sure all departments of your brand are working together as a team and agree as a team to make this happen. I have seen many brands fail when trying to develop a personality because they fail to work as a team which leads to a lot of chaos, disagreement and disaster.

    So sit down with all departments of your brand and ask each other, “Are we being perceived in a way that makes us successful?” During the meeting with all departments, be sure to develop a set of social media guidelines or principles to help guide employees when carrying out tasks and communicating “as the brand”. If your brand is not being perceived as being successful take into consideration what I have talked about and start developing the visual personification your brand deserves. After all, personality can say a thousand words about who we are as brand.

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