• Social Media Competition

    Have you ever been to your child’s ball game or been part of an event where you compete to win? If so, that’s what you are suppose to do.

    With that said, I want to focus on a new competition I have noticed in the past couple months. Its Social Media competition. In Social Media, we don’t compete, we unite. We are all in first place. We make this happen by supporting each other whether it be re-tweeting your friends tweets on Twitter, promoting and commenting on each other blogs, or showing support on Facebook and all social media platforms. I like to think of my Social Media audience as my family. The family that supports together stays together.

    We shouldn’t be trying to see who can make the best friend, the most friends, or bring someone down. This means we shouldn’t be talking behind each others back. Instead, if you see someone struggling help pick them up, dust them off and lead them down the right path. We are all in this together as one. This is the only way Social Media can win and put us all in first place.

    I am not saying to be friends with everyone in Social Media. It’s virtually impossible but make friends with the ones you connect and have something in common with and see value in. That’s why it’s very important to engage and interact with one another.

    If we all take what I have talked about and put it into action, we will all be on top and you will see no need for competition. By uniting as one, we create our image, online presence and personal brand. So stop competing and start connecting.

    What are you doing to ensure you are not encompassing Social Media competition?

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  1. Dexter says:

    Well said. Social media marketers are forgetting the first word in this profession – Social! The last thing we need are social media experts competing against one another. It’s bad enough most small businesses do not fully understand or are educated on social media, now we have to compete against one another? I too have seen this disturbing trend as though there isn’t enough business to go around. I guess what is threatening is one person doing a better job at producing results than the other. If this is the case step up your game.

  2. Jayson, you are right. It’s connection, not competition that matters online. You nailed it. Thank you for connecting with me. Appreciate your insights.

  3. I agree, and am naturally competitive. Which is why I race sailboats rather than just “Sail” them. 🙂

    Catch me Tweeting @Rockmedia. I mostly follow reporters, and…comedians.
    After all if I’m not having fun working, I am doing something wrong.

  4. Christelle says:

    I love this post, Jason! Life in general should not be a competition. As members of the human race, we are all brothers and sisters… much love, my friend.

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