• How To Create Content of Value

    Is your content struggling with getting noticed, being shared or acted upon? More than likely the problem is the content lacks value. If so, I have developed a detailed way to help you turn your struggle into a success by defining each letter in the word value which needs to be encompassed in the content you create.

    how to create content of value

    Vital – Create positive, informational and unique content. By doing so, our content becomes appealing, worthy and one of a kind. Encompassing vitality in our content opens the door for our brand, relationships and audience to grow.

    Accurate – Do research to ensure the content you are sharing is correct and updated. Sharing an article from a year ago may share outdated tips or convey wrong information about a topic or question asked. This prevents possible catastrophe, failure and misleading someone. Also, can lead to poor reputation of a brand or individual.

    Lead – Use knowledge in content to create a path of success. Knowledge can be in the form of a tip, blog post or response to a question asked. By leading we inspire, help someone create success and make a difference. The key is to be effective in doing so.

    Understand – Create content that has a clear meaning.  An individual may not understand content as easy as another individual does. Be detailed, paint a picture with words, and give an example to avoid confusion. Always make it be known in content you are willing to explain if need be.

    Engaging – Listen by responding. Let your audience know you acknowledge them. Thank them, share and respond to public content and ask how their day is going. Create a conversation by asking a question. Engaging content shows the audience you value and are there for them.

    When we create content of value, we are raising awareness for our brand and our personal self. It is important to encompass this trait to keep a positive image and presence, to see growth and succeed. How do you define content of value? Do you encompass it? Feel free to leave your response in a comment.

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  1. Silvia says:

    Very interesting. No matter how big is your presence on Twitter, or any social media, these 5 steps are crucial always. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Rey says:

    Good piece. I am struggling to get my content noticed. I will try harder sing your tips. thanks.

  3. Ryan says:

    Great post Jason. Adding value to our readers is essential to building our brand. People are overwhelmed with content and ads and just throwing more information at them is pointless. Like the acronym!

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