• Howdy Ya’ll From The South

    You may say, “Hello Everyone” but I say, “Howdy Ya’ll.” This is the way some of the people speak in the south, known to some as southern twang.

    With being raised in the North Carolina mountains, my accent is really thick. Also, as a result of being exposed to the accent this area encompasses, I have learned quite  a vocabulary and want to share now my top ten words and phrases.

    1. “I aint guna do it”
    2. “Down Yonder”
    3. “Over here in na holler”
    4. “I don’t got none”
    5. “Wuldya”
    6. “Way out in na sticks”
    7. “Shes midy purdy”
    8. “Ont know”
    9. “All ya’ll”
    10. “I like ’em taters”

    Now I want to hear from you. Do you speak my language? If not, can you pick one or a couple of the phrases and translate into your language?



3 Responsesso far.

  1. Djeat yet?
    Djont to?


  2. soppin’ mad,havin’ a duck fit,down the road a piece,high falutin’

  3. heykirsty says:

    If I’ve understood yours properly, here are some Scottish ‘versions’ 😉
    1. Um no dayin’ it, nut, um jist no
    2. Ower yonder there
    3 Um busy, ul be there in wee bit
    4. Uv naine, git yer aine
    5. Woodya? Ah, woodnae
    6. At arse end eh naywhere
    7. Guye bonnie that lass, aye
    8. Ah dinnae ken. Dae yoo ken, like?
    9. All ay yous lot
    10. Nutin beats a wee tattie scone

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