• Inch Wear Review

    I ran across a great new product that is remarkable, innovative, and makes me proud of my asset and feel you should learn what I discovered. Their slogan is “How Do You Measure Up”.

    Do you get tired of being asked, “How big are you”? Then I have the perfect solution. Inchwear is the answer. Inchwear is committed to making you proud of your endowment size. They do this by conveying your size to the public on apparel. Inchwear offers T-shirts, underwear, swimwear and headwear.

    Their goal is to erase wonder from the world. If you don’t know what your size is, it’s okay. They have rulers to help you decide which is free with the purchase of a T-shirt. Inchwear is designed to help you become more self confident of your manhood.

    So why not choose Inchwear today and answer all the wondering minds of everyone you come in contact with as well as promote yourself. Their apparel is a great item to wear at any pride event or club party and will sure get you noticed. If you don’t feel comfortable with wearing your size in public, they offer armbands with the company name printed on them. So go ahead and join the rest of America in promoting your best asset.

    I must admit I was very reluctant to wearing my T-shirt with my endowment size announced to the public but through various comments I now take pride in my size. Thank you Inchwear for making me finally be proud of what I have. Go ahead and wear it loud and proud while answering the question many are dying to know, “How Do You Measure Up”?

    For more information on Inchwear and their products, please visit their website. Also, feel free to like them on Facebook and contact them with any questions you may have.

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