Once you see the positive results you can create with your awesomeness, give more of it!

Set a goal for the impact you want to create. Think BIG.

We must put our best work out into the world and enjoy the journey.

Owning who you are requires bravery, authenticity and transparency.

You can’t expect what you want in life to come in if you don’t make room for it.

Be clear on what you stand for and the message behind your work.

You won’t get to where you want to go if you’re not clear on the direction you want to go in.

Have a clear vision so you can make long term decisions easier and more effectively.

Share your success to encourage and inspire others.

Learn from your mistakes and shortcomings to become the best in what you do.

Have the courage to keep on going no matter what stands in your way.

Appreciate yourself and what you can offer. You’ll be more confident to do things your own way.

Things take time to improve and become a success. Be persistent.

Always be persistent and determined in everything that you do.

When you have the right attitude and outlook in life, you will surely make it.

Never settle or give less. Always be competitive.

Always be confident about yourself, what you can and will achieve

Find the courage to achieve your dreams. You CAN do it! – Jason Houck

Choose to see your problems as an opportunity to make improvements. – Jason Houck

Believe in your talents and abilities. You have the power to become anything you want to be. – Jason Houck

Take time to celebrate your achievements no matter how big or small they may be. – Jason Houck

What inspires YOU? – Jason Houck

Do you live life in the fast lane or do you slow down to enjoy what life has to offer? – Jason Houck

Some days will be clear and some will be dark and stormy. Welcome all with positivity. – Jason Houck

Authentic leaders walk the path with you. Not make the path for you. – Jason Houck

When you say something be conscious of how you say it. – Jason Houck

You will encounter mean people in your life. Don’t hate them. Pray for them. – Jason Houck

Never be afraid to live your passion. When you do, you have fun and watch the most amazing thing happen. – Jason Houck

Activate your dreams into reality. Great way to show others you believe, are determined and take action. – Jason Houck

Encompass an open mind daily. It opens a whole new world of possibilities. – Jason Houck

Smile everyday. It could be the answer to someones happiness you come into contact with and even make a difference. – Jason Houck

Your true success lies within the determination, goal setting and positive attitude you possess. You can do it! – Jason Houck

Clear communication becomes successful for an individual when they have the willingness to listen. – Jason Houck

Create a weekly plan and checklist. Helps you stay on task and see what areas you need to work on for time management. – Jason Houck

Share your daily inspirations. Great way to inspire others looking to be inspired. – Jason Houck

Take action now. The future of tomorrow starts with today. – Jason Houck

Think outside the box. Allows for even greater results. – Jason Houck

Who cares what they say. YOU know who YOU are. Embrace it and live it. – Jason Houck

Never get discouraged because you failed at something. Be brave and determined. Approach from a different angle. – Jason Houck

Being comfortable with yourself allows others to become comfortable being around you – Jason Houck

Be patient and never try to rush success. Helps avoid failure. – Jason Houck

By setting a goal you are taking the first step to seeing success. – Jason Houck

Do something good, something positive for someone today, but do it in the knowing they can never repay you. – Jason Houck

Being creative keeps us from being dull and shows others we are ready for endless opportunities. – Jason Houck

Don’t rob yourself. Take the time and energy spent on “What could of been” and transfer it to “What could be.” – Jason Houck

Be brave, have faith and stay determined. Success will then follow. – Jason Houck

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  1. Deeone says:

    These are awesome Jason! I love these truths! Will certainly have to keep up with them and your site. 🙂 Thanks for sharing them my friend.

  2. Jason Houck says:

    Thanks for stopping by Deeone and I appreciate the comment.

  3. I love all your Life Tips and thanks for sharing them! I believe that Attitude Is Everything and how we respond to what happens to us is more important than what actually happens to us.

  4. Jason Houck says:

    You are so right Sandra. Attitude can make or break us in our life. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Jason,
    Great wisdom you are sharing with us. Thank you for the motivating messages! My favorite is: Who cares what they say. YOU know who YOU are. Embrace it and live it. – Jason Houck

  6. I love your life tips Jason. I was thinking to print the post and frame in house so it will persuade silently in my day by day life. Thanks!

  7. Beautiful words to live by, I will have to quote them in my social media channels. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us.

  8. Keri says:


    A great collection of quotes and tips!

    You might consider putting this into an E-book you would offer. Just a suggestion – use it as you will or not. 🙂


  9. Thanks for the jewels that you’ve shared here. They are certainly nuggets of wisdom to be meditated upon frequently.

  10. It took me a minute, but then I realized Jason Houck was YOU 🙂 Great wisdom, nice format. I love quotes and these are nice. My favorite today: “Being creative keeps us from being dull and shows others we are ready for endless opportunities.” Feeling a bit creative this week, so this is appropriately on topic. Thanks Jason!

  11. Jason, These are all heartfelt and speak your passions for life. Beautiful! Elizabeth

  12. Christelle says:

    My favorite is ‘Do something good, something positive for someonetoday, but do it knowing they can never repay you.’ What a great blog, Jason.

  13. Jason Houck says:

    Thank you Christelle. This is something I live by. So happy it’s your fav. Thanks for stopping by

  14. Patricia says:

    A wonderful way to start my day. Thanks!

  15. Dan Ntsala says:

    Your life tips are very inspirational. Thank you for sharing them.

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