• Interview with The Precise Agency

    I recently got to know a dynamical company with positive results. This company is The Precise Agency Group that influences pop culture through advertising. I first got to know them on Facebook then on Twitter and was amazed at how they interact and engage with their followers while building and maintaining professional relationships. I contacted the CEO (Michael Hendrix) to see if he would be interested in doing an interview with me and without hesitation he said yes. Interview is as follows.

    What made you want to start The Precise Agency?

    My passion for influencing people IE consumers, voters drove me to enjoy using new platforms and emergent technologies to influence others. I also have a very creative and out of the box mind set that is a big advantage in my field of digital advertising.

    When did The Precise Agency get started?

    I started my company four years ago when it was not cool to be using social media platforms. People just kind of looked at me strange when I told them what I did 🙂

    What services does The Precise Agency offer?

    We offer all types of digital advertising, marketing, and digital PR services.

    How many offices do you have and where are the locations of them?

    We have four offices and they are located in:

    New  York, NY
    Dallas, Texas
    Ft Lauderdale

    How many clients do you currently assist?

    Around 35-40 depending on the open projects and the month.

    Do you have any examples of work you have done for clients?

    We have plenty of case studies.

    How do potential clients contact the Agency?

    Through Facebook or the web. Once in awhile we will get a walk in or a phone call.

    As I continued to speak to Michael, I felt this deep connection that his clients say they have with him and the team at Precise Agency. He conveyed to me that they are 100% dedicated to their clients with positive results in helping them and their business grow which made it easier for me to build a relationship with the company.

    The Precise Agency Group also specializes in many other areas to market your brand such as getting your brand on numerous social media sites, blogs, web development and internet marketing with detailed attention. If you are interested in learning more about Precise and how their creative team can build a strategy around the needs of  your companies success, contact them via website or connect on Facebook and Twitter as well as subscribing to their YouTube channel which showcases their amazing work. If you do then your company will shine the Precise way.

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