• Join me in Vegas for #SageSummit to Reimagine Your Business

    sageWhat an honor to be personally invited to the Sage Summit in Las Vegas from July 28 – 31. As a small business owner myself, I am looking forward to attending this event, not just for my business, but also to further develop my skills for my clients. Owning and operating your own business is an ongoing learning process and when you have the good fortune to learn from those in the trenches, hearing their success stories or challenges they have overcome, it is an inspiring motivator to recharge and instigate change.

    The Sage Summit is intended to be THE most valuable business event for a small or medium-sized business. They target high-level business topics to help educate and inform their attendees, guiding them toward greater decision making processes and stronger business foundations. It is a comprehensive educational experience, driven by strong keynote speakers and actual hardcore real-life examples and business experiences.

    “To us, small business isn’t business, it’s personal. It’s relationships, our family and friends. It’s supporting locally owned businesses whenever possible. We are a large company, but we have a small business heart, and want our customers to have the same experience with us that they provide to their customers.” ~ Sage

    Sage wants to help companies grow their business; whether a start-up or an established organization, this summit is a guaranteed winner with an impressive lineup of speakers and thought leaders. Here’s a small sneak peek into some of the voices at Sage Summit.

    Biz Stone: Co-Founder and CEO of Jelly, Inc, Co-Founder of Twitter

    Robert Gibbs: Former White House Secretary

    Magic Johnson: Chairman and CEO of Magic Johnson Industries

    Pimm Fox: Bloomberg Megia

    Rich Kalgaard: Forbes Publisher

    You have the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations, not just sit back and listen, but to truly have an ongoing dialog, ask questions and participate with some of the top names in the business community. Sage is the summit to gain knowledge and real tools to help drive your business toward greater success. It’s about you, the owner, the conversations and your goals toward achieving your dreams and reimagining your business.

    Sage Group provides small and medium-sized organizations with a variety of simple to use, safe, and efficient business management software and services—from accounting and payroll to enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and payments. They have solutions to your concerns and want to make your business flow smoothly.

    The Sage Summit is such a valuable event that I would like to provide you with a little encouragement to attend by offering you 75% off the registration rate (reg $799), for just $199: please use promo code: JasonHouck. I look forward to seeing you there! Let’s do this together and reimagine your business.



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