• My Southwest Air Flight to BlogWorld Expo

    WOW! Where do I begin? First of all, I have to say in flying with Southwest Air for my first time their customer service was top notch and they really stepped up to the plate in making my flight to BlogWorld a remarkable one. As I arrived at the gate in Raleigh Durham for my flight to Las Vegas, I was greeted with leather chairs which were equipped with a charger for my cell phone or laptop.

    The time had come to board my flight and I was in amazement at how the gate agent was dressed which was a male dressed in khaki shorts and a Southwest polo. This told me my airline of choice has a casual attitude and wants to make every one on board feel comfortable.

    As I entered the plane, the flight attendants were very graciously welcoming everyone aboard with a smile and helping hand. As the flight took off, the attendants were very knowledgeable in the security procedures which reassured me I was in great hands. When it came time for drinks and snacks the attendants were not holding back anything. They would tell each passenger to take as much as they wanted and it was not a problem to ask for another drink.

    The engagement level was very high aboard my flight. The comical comments they made to me personally and to everyone on the plane were extraordinary which led to lots of laughter on board. When a personal conversation was held with me by an attendant they listened and responded in a unique way.

    As my BlogWorld experience came to an end in Vegas, it was time to once again experience Southwest. All the aspects I talked about in my arrival flight to Vegas were in order and experienced once again in my departure flight back home.

    The only thing I did not like was sitting on the runway for an hour but that was to be expected due to the inclement weather conditions that were taking place. I just want to convey to Southwest Air that my flight was a remarkable one and you will be remembered as an engaging brand that puts LUV into any flight and will always be my airline of choice wherever I may fly next.

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  1. Christi says:

    Hey Jason!

    Thanks for your kind words! Sounds like you had a great time on your flight and I hope we see you again very soon!


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