• My Top New Years Resolution – 2011

    The year of 2010 has not been one of my favorite years. With my 96 year old Grandmother going to be with the Lord to moving from house to house with my parents 3 times, (with the third time being tomorrow), the year hasn’t been a blessing. As a result, I have encountered depressing moments and not being happy with myself.

    It is now 2 days until 2011 and I am here to take a stand and say nothing is getting in my way for the upcoming year. I am committed to being a happier person by getting out on my own and find my own home where I have privacy and can evolve into the person I should be. I do realize finances will put a damper on me reaching this goal but with lots of determination and dedication it can be done. I ask for your support and prayers as I embark on this exciting journey and look forward to sharing my progress with you.

    Before I go, I want to say thank you to all the friends I have made in 2010 online and offline. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have had the chance to visit Vegas, attend Blogworld and grow my social media network.

    Hope everyone has a fantastic New Years and see you in 2011.

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