• My Travel Journey During BlogWorld Expo in LA – Part 1

    I wanted to give you a preview of what to expect from me on Social Media the week of Nov 1-6. On November 1, I will be leaving the East Coast and traveling to the West Coast in Los Angeles for 7 days to attend BlogWorld Expo 2011 conference. The purpose of my attending the conference is to gain additional knowledge needed to grow in the social media and blogging world. As I attend each session, you can expect me to put you there virtually as I plan to be live tweeting content from @JasonPromotesU. Content will entail tips about SEO, Travel, Blogging and New Media. Basically, content to help you better understand certain areas of the Social Media world and grow.

    In addition to attending the conference, I am taking this opportunity to arrive 2 days early to promote the Los Angeles area. My promotions will be live on Twitter and my personal Facebook page including pictures and video from Pacific Park Amusement Park, the Tweetup I am hosting from my Suite at the InterContinental LA Hotel and my stays at Hotel Carmel and MayFair LA Hotel. In addition to my live content tweeting and promotions, I have a few extras and secrets for you such as my experience of driving the 2012 Acura TL SH AWD for the week in which I want to thank @Acura_Insider for the amazing opportunity.

    Be sure to follow me on Twitter @JasonPromotesU and my Facebook page to get in on the value and fun I will be sharing as I will be putting you in the middle of all the action. Once I return from the conference, I will be doing a second post to give a more detailed insight of what I experienced.

    Have a great day!

    Jason Houck



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