• North Carolina Tornado: It Wasn’t Luck Nor A Miracle. It Was The Grace of God.

    Wednesday afternoon, Mother Nature unleashed her fury upon the western areas of North Carolina with a possible Tornado. To be exact, this possible North Carolina Tornado affected the counties of Burke, Rutherford and Caldwell.

    At approximately 5:30pm, I was sitting in my home here in Caldwell County doing some work as the local news station broke into regular broadcasting with the first tornado warning issued for Rutherford County progressing into Burke and parts of Caldwell.

    Upon receiving the warning for Caldwell, I immediately began to see flashes of light from the fierce lighting and hear loud rolling thunder along with rain drops pelting against the windows. I then decided to secure myself in a closet where I was very frightened which was immediately taken away by my Twitter community as I had my iPhone with me checking for updates.

    In closing, no damage is reported in my immediate community but just a short distance away in Granite Falls area a home was leveled with reports of boats at a Lake Hickory Marina being flipped over.

    Photo Courtesy of Brad Panovich of WCNC TV

    In the adjacent counties of Burke and Rutherford, total destruction is being reported in hardest hit areas, (Bradshaw RD, Icard and Ellenboro community), with at least 30-50 homes and structures suffering major damage and complete devastation along with many pets wondering around the rubble. I am happy to report that no deaths are being reported and around a dozen individuals with minor injuries.

    Photo Courtesy of Burke Weather Inc.

    Photo Courtesy of WCNC TV

    Photo Courtesy of WCNC TV


    Photo Courtesy of WCNC TV


    Photo Courtesy of Diane Gallagher

    Photo Courtesy of Diane Gallagher

    Photo Courtesy of Diane Gallagher

    Photo Courtesy of Diane Gallagher

    Photo Courtesy of News Channel 13

    Photo Courtesy of WCNC TV

    After seeing all the major damage and interviews with neighbors, I am very thankful I was spared. Despite many families losing all they have, they are all optimistic and thankful to be alive by saying, “It wasn’t luck nor a miracle. It was the grace of God.”

    I ask that you remember all individuals affected by the storm in your prayers including officials and others helping with cleanup. Burke Weather Incorporated is meeting today with Samaritan’s Purse and others to put into action a call for volunteers.

    For further updates throughout the day and to see additional images, follow me on Twitter @JasonPromotesU and by following #NCWX


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  1. Nancy M. says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize the extent of the damage! Glad you’re okay. Praying for those affected.

  2. Collier Ward says:

    I saw your Tweets last night and I appreciate this update. The grace of God is an ideal caption – for all our lives. Thank you, Jason.

  3. Jason Houck says:

    Thank you Collier and you’re very welcome.

  4. Jason Houck says:

    Thank you very much Nancy. Prayers are powerful and I appreciate it 🙂

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