• Question Of The Day 8/24/2010

    I am starting something new here on the blog. I will be asking a question of the day on twitter and taking your responses and compiling them into a blog post. Along with your answer, I will be linking back to you either to your blog, Twitter account or Facebook. So lets get started.

    As a kid, what was the theme or character of your lunchbox?

    @SolakNC – The Mercury Space Capsule
    @Catsee – Justice League Characters
    @Naruo_homewood – Tom & Jerry
    @Tkharmonic – Wonder Woman & Barry Gibb
    @OneMomsWorld – Metal Rainbow Brite
    Neesee Stafford – Rainbow Brite, Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake
    Adam Cohen – He-Man
    Karen Critcher – Brown paper bag
    JBryEkard – Toy Story
    Jared Starks – Brown paper bag or blue thermal
    Bob Dillon – Roy Rogers

    Thanks to all who participated. Be sure to follow me on twitter @blogluvr29 and look for my next question of the day.

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