• Reach Your Social Contacts with TweetFind Tools

    I stumbled upon a great Twitter tool approximately 6 to 8 months ago in which I have found to be very valuable in helping me find and target my audience, engage with my followers and manage all my great contacts. This amazing tool is TweetFind tools and I want to share with you my interview I did with the founder.

    1. What is your name? Ruben Orozco
    2. What is your job title? Founder of TweetFind and TweetFindTools.com
    3. What drove you to start TweetFind Tools? After attending my first conference (Pubcon) in 2008, people kept talking about Twitter.
      At every conference I went to people couldn’t stop talking about twitter, but at the same time were overwhelmed with managing their followers, lists and mentions.
    4. When was TweetFind Tools created? January 2011
    5. What is the purpose behind TweetFind Tools? The purpose behind TweetFindTools was to create a set of Awesome Web-based Twitter tools to help users, entrepreneurs and businesses manage their Twitter community.
    6. Does TweetFind Tools have a blog? Yes. Our blog at: blog.tweetfind.com covers TweetFindTools.com and TweetFind.com (Twitter Directory)
      We have a great Team of Bloggers:  Amy Schmittauer, Tyler Hurst, Jenaé Frick and Erica Allswang
    7. If someone wants to connect with you and TweetFind Tools on Social Media how can they do that? Anyone can contact me at: info@tweetfind.com and on Twitter: @RubenOrozco and @TweetFindTools
    8. Include anything else of value such as the TweetFind account and the level of use of the tools. Are they hard to use, easy to use? The Tools are very easy to use. We strive to make the Tools easy to use from the beginning Twitter user to the most Advance Twitter users.  The Tools are in Beta, but we are constantly making changes that are users request. 
    I connected with Ruben a little over a year which turned into meeting him in real life at a conference in Vegas of last year. Upon connecting with him in real life, he is the same offline as he is online. He is a man that is hardworking and dedicated to bringing an individual what they want to see in a tool. If you would like to connect with Ruben and learn more about TweetFind Tools, I encourage you to connect with him on Twitter at @RubenOrozco.

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