• The Positive Side of the Battery in Social Media and Life

    Photobucket Do you enjoy engaging with someone online and offline with a negative attitude and content or do you prefer all positive? I can almost bet you prefer the positive over the negative. When an individual encompasses negative energy on social media and in life, it’s like a toxic fume is being released into the atmosphere around us. In comparison to someone entailing a negative charge, the positive yields amazing results for us and everyone we come into contact with online and offline.

    Positive Energy Results

    1. We create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for us and others.

    2. Expands our mind to seeing that anything is possible and let’s others know that we believe and are determined.

    3. We open the door to seeing growth as a person and a brand. Gives people reason to want to do business with us and build relationships.

    4. We help someone having a bad day by inspiring, uplifting and energizing them.

    5. Leads to a healthier YOU mentally and physically resulting in a stress free world.

    As you can see the positive side of the battery in social media and life is powerful, beautiful, healthy and necessary. It is important to stay on the positive side of the battery to ensure we are seeing every opportunity made available. A great way to keep the negative out of our lives is to set boundaries within yourself. Tell yourself daily, “I can do it.” Wear a smile everywhere you go and find humor in difficult situations. Think of negative versus positive as a battery. When negative energy is released, nothing works and it’s dead. The positive side gives us power and energy to see clear results.

    So, which side of the battery are you on?


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  1. Heather says:

    Very positive post, Jason! Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when you’re faced with a difficult situation, but I think getting down in the mouth will only escalate a downward spiral, which isn’t a good solution, either. I will think of you the next time I change a battery 🙂

  2. Absolutely and I preach this a LOT! Being positive just makes life better and does not provide as much stress in your life. I am definitely on the positive side!

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