• Social Media Day: What If?

    First of all, Social Media has been rewarding by impacting my life in a huge positive way. It has taught me lessons, improved my writing skills, help me build relationships, and become savvy and informational in the business world. In addition to Social Media being rewarding, it has showed me just how powerful it is by blessing me with a beautiful, amazing and supportive community.

    After realizing the impact Social Media has made in my life, I ask myself, “What if Social Media never existed like it does today.” After asking myself this question, I immediately thought of 10 other “What if” questions encompassing different topics of Social Media.

    Below, I will be sharing these questions with you.

    1. Would I have been able to experience Las Vegas, Nevada due to attending a Social Media conference?
    2. Where would technology be where it is today?
    3. What would I be doing at this moment instead of tweeting up to 140 characters or posting a Facebook status?
    4. How informative would I be on such topics as writing a blog post, marketing or building a relationship?
    5. What would my passion be?
    6. With the economy the way it is, would more brands and charities not be present?
    7. Who would my audience be?
    8. How many people across the Globe would be unemployed?
    9. Would making a difference be as easy?
    10. How would I connect with so many great people?

    As you can see, if you put into perspective the question, “What if Social Media never existed like it does today” , we might possibly be asking, “Where would the world be or how would it operate?” I am proud to say that I am thankful for Social Media Day. It makes me realize just how powerful it is, the positive effects it has blessed me with and love who I am today.

    I invite you to pick one of the 10 questions above and see if you can answer. Also, feel free to post a question that may come to mind. Post your question with response in a comment.

    Happy Social Media Day.


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  1. 5. What would my passion be?

    I am not even sure as if it wasn’t for social media, I wouldn’t be doing my job right now. I love my job and it is one of my passions.

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