• Social Media Love Project

    Are you ever having a bad day due to daily things that may happen in life on or offline? Do you ever feel you’re not loved, wanted or thought of?

    If you ever feel this way, I am here to let you know that you are loved, wanted and thought of daily. With that said, I have decided to launch a new project, Social Media Love. With a recent death due to depression and seeing others tweet about how others are putting them down in Social Media, I felt led to start a social media project that entailed love, support and value for anyone that needs it.

    My mission at Social Media Love is that we come together, welcome everyone with open arms to let them know that we do care, they do matter and there is reason to push forward and move on. There are 1000’s of people daily across the world who are dying a silent death and hurting deep down inside and we will never know until the unthinkable may happen. That is why it is important that we approach others on social media with simple phrases such as “I Love You”, “How is your day”, “You are appreciated” and “Thinking of you today.” Remember it’s the little things we say in life that give us great joy and others a resource.

    By coming together and creating a place with an uplifting and positive atmosphere at Social Media Love, we are giving others hope, inspiration and feeding a silent hunger. So please join me at Social Media Love on Facebook and on Twitter. Together, we can make a difference in social media.

    Enjoy your Monday and God bless.

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  1. Erin Patrick says:

    You are a prime example of this, Jason! You are always so kind in your responses to others and you take the time to see what they are really saying. You were great the day that I was so sad that my father was leaving to go back home!
    I appreciate you so much!

  2. Lynn says:

    Jason, what a great idea! You are so thoughtful; there are so many people out there needing someone to just listen. It’s nice to know that there are still people who care.

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