• Social Media Promotion

    Ever wondered what your audience, friends or followers are up to, do or the reason behind what they do in Social Media? I am doing this post to help you convey those answers and all you have to do is fill in the blank which in return promotes yourself. I will also be including a couple questions not related to Social Media. Have fun and enjoy.

    1. The reason I blog is _____.
    2. My top priority in Social Media is _____.
    3. The top trait I look for in my audience and followers is _____.
    4. I consider ______ to be my biggest fear.
    5. When I expand my network, I _____.
    6. If I had to brand myself using 3 words they would be _____.
    7. My job in Social Media is to _____.
    8. My personality is _____.
    9. My favorite social online game is _____ because _____.
    10. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is _____.
    11. When I think of value in Social Media, I think of ______.
    12. By using Social Media, my business has ________.

    Hope you have enjoyed answering the questions by filling in the blank. The purpose is for me to get to know you better and others as well. At the same time, the purpose of the post is a great way to keep you engaged and connected. In a comment, pick at least 1 question and complete. Until next time, happy blogging.

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