• How Do You View, Define and Use Social Media?

    Hand holding a Social Media 3d Sphere

    As we all know every individual views, defines and uses social media in many different ways. I have created a unique and fun way to see how you view, define and use each network. Below, you will find twelve sentences in which you fill in the blank with your answer. I look forward to your responses. Have fun!

    1. The most important thing to remember about Twitter is ______.

    2. Facebook is good for ______.

    3. I see Instagram as _______.

    4. The most common mistake on Linkedin is _______.

    5. In the next 5 years, I predict Social Media will ______.

    6. The most positive result I have seen from Social Media is ______.

    7. I use Social Media to _______.

    8. The network I use most is _______ because _______.

    9. I consider Google Plus to be _______.

    10. Pinterest is a great way to _______.

    11. My tip to someone using Social Media for the first time is _______.

    12. When it comes to Politics and Religion on Social Media, I ______. 

    How an individual or business views, defines and uses social media is determined by their reason for adapting to the many networks and how well they invest their time and utilize each. Feel free to pick one or more sentences and in a comment convey your response. As we begin to read the answers of others, we will give more meaning to the different kinds of business we each work in, thus how answers differ.

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