• Pros and Cons of Stock Photography

    A picture can either make or break an advertising campaign. Are you being creative and using one that your business created or being generic and using a stock photo? You may ask, “What is a stock photo”? A stock photo is a photograph that can be licensed for public or commercial use, which are usually found on professional stock photography websites such as Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, or by simply doing a Google search for a specific type of photo.

    When a business uses these types of photos for a digital advertising campaign, they encounter positive and negative results. There are many pros and cons I would like to share with you that can influence the campaign.

    • Saves you time
    • Endless Choices
    • Professional Quality
    • Great way to save on Marketing Costs

    • Difficult to differentiate your brand and target
    • Image overuse in the online world
    • Not being original
    • Lack of creativity and not being unique

    As you can see the use of stock photography can have its advantages and disadvantages. I personally do not like to use stock photos. I look for something that sets apart from others, makes something unique and gives a brand and clients brand a fresh image. A unique digital advertising agency should be producing creative digital ads with professional quality through live photo shoots and interactive video content that best suits the targeted campaign, which makes them original, real and successful.

    I completely understand that time is of the essence and you may not have the time to create your own personal digital ads but for a brand to be focused you must plan and produce for originality to be in full force. As a result, your campaign becomes one of a kind, influences and sells with positive results.

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