• Style, Quality and Performance from @SikkShades by Eddie Bauer Jr.

    I first learned about SikkShades by Eddie Bauer Jr. a few weeks ago when Elizabeth Traub brought to my attention how amazing, awesome and unique their sunglass product is along with their crowdfunding project which puts a pair in the hands of and on as many consumers faces as possible. A week later, I received my two pairs of SikkShades which came in a black and white pair. sikk After putting them on and venturing out into the latest snow we had, I was immediately shocked at how well they performed as the sun was beaming off the snow. I thought to myself, these are Sikk. Style, performance and protection all in one is something I have searched for, for years and I have finally found it. In addition, the product passed my accidental durability and quality test, not once but twice when I accidentally sat on them and after each time not one area of the sunglasses bent or broke and still had a nice tight and snug fit. Another feature I love about SikkShades is the small hidden rubber area of the nose part as it allows for the shades to not slide up and down on my nose and prevents leaving a red area on the nose as well.

    I could not be happier with SikkShades by Eddie Bauer Jr. The style, quality and performance truly outweighs any other competitors product along with exceeding my own expectations. The sunglasses are the perfect solution for any skier or any outdoor-oriented individual by incorporating breakthroughs in innovative design with new technology resulting in a classic signature of the Eddie Bauer Jr. brand for many years to come.

    SikkShades by Eddie Bauer Jr. is hosting a crowd funding project to get as many pairs of SikkShades in the end consumers’ hands. They are about to go into a major production process and want to see what you, the consumers are saying. This crowd funding project allows people to support the R & D and get a great pair in their own hands and on their faces.

    To support, visit the Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr campaign and engage and join them on Twitter and Facebook as they love to get social.

    Disclosure: I accepted the opportunity to do a product review for Sikk Shades by Eddie Bauer Jr. because eye wear is important to me. I was given SikkShades, and a few other gifts, however all my views and opinions are my own. Had I not been in favor of this product I would not be writing.

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