• Taking #IpromoteU To The Road

    If you follow me on twitter @blogluvr29 most of you know I am a promoting fool. I developed a passion for promoting around 6 months ago when I began searching for my niche in social media and blogging. I developed this passion because I enjoy seeing success. Times change and we must embrace that change to see success in our future.

    As result of change, a new day has dawn and I have progressed by using my creative side. I introduce you to #IpromoteU where I promote your brand, products, service or blog. Along with using my creative side, I have decided to take #IpromoteU to the road where I want to visit cities across the United States and promote those areas of our country that travel bloggers fail to discover and share with their audience.

    In addition to taking #IpromoteU to the road, my goal is to take you as my audience with me. You may ask, “How do you plan to do that?” The answer is simple. When I visit a city, I plan to find and schedule a tweetup. At that point during the tweetup, I will be sharing with those in attendance the purpose of my audience and twitter followers in the blogging and social media world by promoting who you are, what you offer and why they should connect with you.

    Unfortunately, my goal comes at a price and this is where I ask for you help. I have setup a chip in site to aide in helping me get #IpromoteU on the road. If you want to see me succeed in helping me build my brand and promoting you across the United States then I ask that you spread the word across the social media universe and even donate if you can.

    Thanks for all your support and I look forward to reaching my goal in taking #IpromoteU to the road along with you. Also, I encourage you to take a look at what #IpromoteU does by liking the Facebook fan page I have setup. Also, if you are  interested in me promoting a certain area of your state do not hesitate to contact and we will see what we can work out.

    Thanks and don’t forget to keep networking, connecting and building relationships. It could be the beginning of a brighter tomorrow.

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  1. Jerry says:

    As always you are an inspiration and such an enthusiastic guy. Looking forward to helping every way I can to get you heading to a successful future with this project. Good luck and let’s get you up and running, well hopefully riding. Lol ;D

  2. Marylyn says:

    You will do great! I just know it!

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