• Thankful Thursday – Why Do You Like Infographics?

    Welcome to a new weekly addition of Thankful Thursday here at Weigh Your Mind. This is a day I give thanks to my audience on Twitter by creating exposure of my friends by making you a part of my post. Each week, I create a question, share it on Twitter and use your responses in the post with a link back to your Twitter profile.

    To kick things off, this week I decided to create the question, “Why Do You Like Infographics?” I was lead to ask the question because of the growing popularity of this type of content. Below, are the responses I received this week.

    1. @KNDino – Infographics just brings things to life.
    2. @Ava_Jae – Infographics are great because they help us visualize data that can be difficult to fully wrap our minds around otherwise. Plus, they tend to be very creative and fun to look at.
    3. @Efficient – They’re scannable. This is big in an age where content curators sift through hundreds of articles a day.
    4. @ScottTheWriter – Why? Because they’re a short cut form from information to you brain. Plus, why else would I ever look at USA Today?
    5. @SummitMtnMedia – We like pretty pictures.
    6. @CnZDigital – Infographics are fast facts presented in a creative manner. Reading them becomes FUN and engaging.
    7. @JosOrtega – Infographics can make boring/mundane data enjoyable to look at. They also aid in comprehension for us visual learners.

    As you can see, individuals like Infographics for many different reasons. From being creative to making data more appealing to aiding visual learners, this defines why Infographics is growing in popularity.

    I want to thank all of those that participated and as always I am very thankful for all of you. So, Why Do You Like Infographics?

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