• The Customer Service WOW Factor From PayPal

    Customer Service is a vital and important aspect any brand must grasp ahold of and continuously focus on. When focusing on great customer service, priority should be given to the customer when a problem arises. The biggest priority is to listen and let the customer give their opinion on what they feel is the best and fairest solution to their customer satisfaction. As a result of the customer being able to convey the solution and the brand following through successfully, the person will be happy and create word of mouth resulting in a repeat customer and possibly a new one.

    At times, the solution we want to see as customers is not simply possible because of rules a brand has in place. I experienced this with PayPal yesterday as a problem arose with me sending money to a business that had very sneakingly convinced me to for a product. I contacted PayPal on Twitter and within minutes they had Olivia with the appropriate department call me to see about getting the amount credited back. She called and I missed the call. I then called the number back and I proceeded on to speak with another lady who told me my credit could not be done because I had made an error which I was okay with since it was my mistake. But the lady insisted, she would double check. Within an hour, Olivia called me back and wanted to offer her apologies for what took place in regards to me sending this money. She immediately conveyed to me she understood why I made the error and as a result granted the answer to my problem although it isn’t typical procedure to do so. I immediately, said to myself, WOW and was satisfied.

    This experience made me feel important, comfortable and a part of the PayPal brand resulting in being a continuous, dedicated and loyal PayPal user. By Olivia following up with a phone call when not asked, listening and fully understanding me showed me they truly care about their customers and are willing to do whatever it takes to create a customer experience that leaves a lasting and positive impression.

    This experience is a true example of a brand that stays true to their commitments and ready to solve your customer problems by doing more than what is expected. Thanks PayPal and Olivia for handling an issue in a timely manner over the phone as you do on Twitter creating a definition of the phrase, The Customer Service WOW Factor.


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