• The Launch of Network Expander on Twitter

    Have you or are you wondering how you can expand your network on Twitter? The answer is simple and more importantly it’s free.

    All you have to do is visit #networkexpander on Twitter and start networking by introducing yourself and what you do. The purpose of Network Expander is to make expanding your network a reality, top priority and as easy as possible.

    Each week, I will develop a subject in which you will weigh in with your responses. In return, everyone that is in the stream will see the value of who you are and what you do. So make sure you are being authentic, original, unique and valuable. This is what will make others want to join your network.

    Along with being authentic, original, unique and valuable, make sure you have a variety in offering which will ensure success for your network expanding. Basically, why others would want to invest in your content and time.

    If you have any ideas on subjects you would like to see weekly, don’t hesitate to contact me on Twitter @JasonPromotesU as I welcome all networkers, brands and bloggers. I do ask that you do not spam the stream with ads as this helps keep the stream refreshing and clean.


    Jason Houck



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