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    In the Social Media world, I believe we should work together and help one another. Also, defend our followers when a brand or other follower conveys negativity about them. My reason for making this known is because as many of you know, US News recently published an article by listing America’s worst and meanest airlines where Delta ranked number 1. Aspects that contributed to this included number of delays, mishandled baggage, on-time arrival and denied boardings. I don’t care which airline you fly on, each airline has their own problems.

    I am here today to rally against US News and say they obviously didn’t do their homework when it comes to Delta’s customer service and the way they treat their customers. I have flew with Delta many times and have had nothing but amazing and excellent customer service along with positive energy on every flight by the attendants.

    I now would like to share with you the way Delta interacts and engages as a brand on Social Media with their customers by posting some tweets and shining the spotlight on them in a positive way and give them the exposure they deserve.

    SherriAnneGreen – @Delta rocks. Feedback heard, feedback addressed.

    DeltaAssist – @dereksnyder I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but your safety is our number one concern. ^JD

    DeltaAssist – @omylola Let me be the first to welcome you home. Thanks for your patronage! ^WG

    DeltaAssist – Thanks @maxtucci for the great feedback. Glad to see you gave us a chance to make things right. ^JD

    MaxTucci – Got a phone call from @delta telling me about a delay, for the inconvenience they gave me a $50 voucher BEST Customer Service www.delta.com

    Bissesar – @Delta waiting for your 787s to enter service…cheers to the largest airline!!!you rock Delta

    DeltaAssist – @alisongroves, thx for tweeting. Sorry for the sadface. Is there anything I can do to assist you & turn that frown into a smile? DM me. ^JH

    ElainePace – I heart @DeltaAssist and I chose to fly @Delta because of all the ways they take care of their customers

    Delta – Thanks @b_rad408. Delta SkyMiles rock, but you rock more!

    As you can see Delta clearly defines customer service in a brand and is not the number 1 worst or meanest airline in my opinion. They listen by responding to every comment and if its a complaint they address it by offering assistance to make it right. So, US News a bit of advice to you. Next time before publishing an article, do your research and add into the mix the amazing things a brand does.

    Now I want to hear from you with your thoughts on this article that was published and the hear amazing experiences you have encountered with Delta. Also, I invite you to check out the great things they do on twitter by following them @Delta and @DeltaAssist.

    In closing, I remind you to not forgot get to take a stand for your followers whether it be a brand or person. If you do, you make the social media community an inviting place to belong to.

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  1. Lissa says:

    I am a ‘card holding’ frequent flyer of @Delta and even received a ‘have a great trip’ tweet from @DeltaAssist in August when I tweeted what airline we were boarding. I have been flying for 40+ years and there is no airline that I have flown that is perfect all the time. Not possible. But Delta employees have gone above and beyond for me before and for that I remain loyal!

  2. Italy98 says:

    Hi there,

    My wife and I, along with 98 other individuals spent four days behind the scene at Delta’s Headquarters on what is called “The Best Field Trip Ever”. This was organized by members of The Delta SkyMiles Forum (http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta-skymiles/1096856-2010-second-annual-delta-air-lines-flyertalk-event-october-21-24-2010-a.html)on FlyerTalk (http://www.flyertalk.com/).

    One of the events was a five-hour Executive Question and Answer Session starting with CEO Richard Anderson and other SVPs and managers answering our questions. As one can see, by browsing the provided link, we had four full days of activities and there were many Delta employees who volunteered their free time to make “The Best Field Trip Ever” extremely successful!

    If this is not evidence of Delta’s caring about customers, and not all of the attendees were Diamond or Platinum Medallion members, then one would be hard pressed to demonstrate otherwise.

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