• The Social Media “What If”

    Sometimes in life we always ask the question, “What If.” By asking ourselves that question we put things more into perspective, basically critical thinking. As we all know Social Media is the new media and has gone global. It has changed the way we network, receive news, live our daily lives and is essential for business owners to grasp a hold of. So what if Social Media wasn’t around or didn’t exist today? I have developed a few critical thinking questions to put that question into perspective for you.

    1. What if you were limited to 10 tweets a day on twitter?
    2. What if you could only belong to 1 Social Media site? Which would it be?
    3. What if Social Media was never invented?
    4. What if you owned Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin? What would you change?
    5. What if you never utilized Social Media? Where would you or your business be without it?

    Sometimes by taking advantage of critical thinking questions we learn to love and become thankful for how things have progressed over the years. This post was designed to do just that in addition to getting your creativity flowing. Hope you enjoyed and don’t forget to leave your response to one or more of the what if questions.

    Happy Thursday!

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  1. GREAT questions. Definitely some things to think about. I’ve often wondered about #1, 2 and 3. It’s honestly hard to imagine my life without social media, though I would probably get a lot more quilting done! LOL!!

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