• The Verizon Wireless Switch

    PhotobucketAs many of you know, I live my passion on Social Media promoting others, whether it be brands, individuals or blogs. Today, I wanted to take a unique approach by you weighing in with your thoughts. Are you a current Sprint or AT&T mobile customer? If so, are you looking for a reason to switch to Verizon Wireless?

    I am not a current Verizon customer but hope to be in the near future. The reason of this post is to gain thoughts from current Verizon Wireless customers on why a person should switch if he or she is currently with another provider. Is it the coverage, packages, phone selection, data speed or the new announcement of offering the iPhone 4S?

    If so, I invite you to weigh in with your thoughts as a current Verizon customer on why others should make The Verizon Wireless Switch.

    All you have to do is tell me in a comment or tweet me at @JasonPromotesU with your reason and I will add your tweet to the post for others to see.

    Let the exposure and persuasion of The Verizon Wireless Switch begin.


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