• Tips For Networking at BlogWorld & New Media Expo LA – #BWELA

    With the world’s largest Social Media and Blog conference, (BlogWorld & New Media Expo LA), coming up next week, networking will be a major part of what an individual does while attending. As many of you know that have attended BlogWorld in the past, networking creates brand exposure resulting in possible clients for your business, along with learning valuable information to see brand and blog growth. It is imperative to take advantage of all networking events during the conference to see success. Whether you have attended before or this will be your first time, I am here to give you tips on how to create success while networking.

    1. Leave your troubles or problems outside the door. Enter with a smile, be energetic, positive and outgoing.
    2. When someone is speaking with you, give that person your entire focus. LISTEN! 
    3. BE a person that others will like. Be genuine. Be YOU.
    4. Give and connect. Be generous, people will notice and respect you for your kind nature.
    5. Plan ahead. Always have an idea of what the goal is for each event you attend. Keeps you and others on task as well as staying focused and achieving your expected outcome.
    6. Never “schmooze” on or at someone. Be genuine in your interactions. Builds trust and YOU as a brand.
    7. Be genuine and authentic, build trust and relationships, and see how you can help others.
    8. Become known as a powerful resource for others. People turn to you for ideas, questions, etc. Keeps you visible.
    9. Ask open ended questions. Opens up the discussion and shows listeners that you are interested.
    10. Have a clear understanding of what you do. Be able to answer, “What makes you unique from others in the same field?”
    11. Take advanatage of social networking. Creates new paths to communicate and share information.
    12. Tap into your passions. Engaging in activities with other like minded people makes the conversation easier.
    13. If you are scared to network, the best way to overcome that fear is by taking risks. By taking that risk, you are breaking the ice of another individual that may be just as uncomfortable as you.
    14. After the conference, follow up with a thank you card to people you had direct contact with. Include something from the discussion. Show your networkers and new connections that you are ready to take action and care.
    It is very important to keep in mind when networking during BlogWorld to take advantage of every opportunity possible. The results from networking events can have a tremendous impact on the future of you, your blog and brand. How you choose to network is your choice but encompassing the tips I have conveyed above will ensure your networking experience at BlogWorld & New Media Expo LA will be a successful one.
    See ya in LA!
    Jason Houck



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