• How To Grow Your Brand Using Video On Social Media

    using video on social mediaAs a brand, it is important we encompass a positive image and unique presence on Social Media to grow and be of lasting value to others. If your brand is new or having issues with doing so, it is possible by using video on Social Media.

    When promoting a positive image and unique presence, a brand needs to keep in mind it’s about connecting with the audience and customers by getting them engaged and including them. By doing so, the brand creates a path for customers to build relationships, spread the word and keeps them coming back for more. One way this is done is to put a face behind who your customers and audience speak and do service with on Social Media. This is something I and many others look for to get a better feel and understanding of who we are conversing with but what some look for doesn’t stop there.

    The key to keeping the positive image and presence is to be authentic, original and unique in doing so. This is done by enhancing it through the use of video which takes it above and beyond the profile face pictures you find on a companies website, blog and Social Media networks. By using video, a brand is giving their audience, current and potential customers a look from the outside in further deepening the connection. There are several ways to make this happen.

    • Create a short video with enthusiasm from each team member within the brand. No one likes, “Just another boring video” so it’s important to create it with zazz and make it interesting and fun. In this video, state your name, what your position is, and what makes your position fun and enjoyable.
    • Give your audience and customers a look into your daily life by showing them around your companies work environment. Put them in your shoes and give them reason to do business with you. After all, they are your brand and fuel your success and growth.
    • Do a weekly or even daily Q&A live broadcast with your customers and audience using the Meerkat or Periscope mobile app. This is your chance to gather feedback and ideas, ask and answer questions and pose solutions one may have.
    • Create a personal video of the person responsible for managing the companies social media accounts. Basically, the person responsible for engaging and sharing content. If more than one individual tweets from the account, make sure each one has a personal video. Tweet the video link at the start of each day or when the account is changing users. Include in the video the person’s name, a relevant greeting and the question, “Is there anything that I can help you with today?”
    • Thank your customers and audience weekly in a video. Give a shout out to people on Twitter that follow you, people that have liked your brand page on Facebook. Make it personal, show gratitude and let them know they are never forgotten.
    • Post all videos on the brands YouTube account, landing page on Facebook  and Twitter as I discussed above. As far as the team video, post it on the brand’s website as a welcome.

    By using video, the brand is raising their profile, promoting a positive image and enhancing brand value. This connects the brand with their customers and audience in a unique way and shows them the brand has took the time to create it for them. Basically saying, we care about and value you. I understand this might be time consuming but by investing in this time it is sure to create a remarkable ROI as many customers are looking for this type of aspect in a brand and sharing what the brand is doing.

    So is your brand ready to enhance their image and presence by being unique, authentic and make a lasting impression through the use of video?




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  1. Kathy Kisner says:

    Great ideas on how you can leverage video + social media on growing your brand! I personally love the way ThinkGeek does their videos– it’s fun, geeky, and definitely represents TG. I also love how they ask their customers to submit videos of them using their products purchased from TG– it lends additional social proof + cred to their store.

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