• Welcome To The Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta Georgia

    Recently, I had the chance to travel to Georgia and check out the Coca Cola museum in Atlanta. I had heard so much about the museum and couldn’t wait to get inside to experience in person all the great things I had heard. Once I arrived and bought my ticket I was lead into the lobby where I was greeted with a tour guide along with a group of other visitors. In the lobby, I began to see some amazing artifacts and art work resembling different country styles and immediately knew this was going to be amazing.

    The tour guide lead us to various rooms showcasing unique history pieces while continuously conveying to us history facts about the Coca-Cola brand.

    I was amazed at some of the facts I learned, such as the idea of Coca-Cola was born from an Atlanta pharmacist, first servings were sold for 5 cents per glass and first slogan read, “The Pause That Refreshes.” While the guide was still conveying history facts and information, we were lead into an area where different unique styles of bottled Coca-Cola from all over the world was showcased.

    The tour had almost come to an end but not the excitement. We were lead into a 3-D theater room called “Happiness Factory Theater” which consisted of a 6 minute cartoon of inside of a vending machine.

    After we left the theater, it was time to say, “Goodbye” but not before we got to sample dozens of Coca-Cola flavors from different countries all over the world.

    The World of Coca-Cola Museum is truly a unique experience and great way to learn about a piece of history you may never learn anywhere else. The museum offers excitement and learning for adults and children. In addition to the tour, theater experience and tasting, the museum also encompasses a 4-D Secret Formula Theater and a meet and greet with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear where kids can have their picture taken.

    I definitely give the World of Coca-Cola a 2 thumbs up for an amazing experience. Thank you Coca-Cola.

    Be sure to view the slideshow below to see the other artifacts I captured along the tour.


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