• Why I Promote

    PhotobucketAs most of you know who follow me on Twitter, I like to promote who you are, what you do and what you offer. You may ask, “Why do you do this”? I do this because it is a passion of mine not because I am asked. I like to convey to others what I find online and help you succeed. As a result of promoting you, I put you out there to people who may have never found you.

    I also promote blogs by using #blogpromote which I created a couple months ago. I feel by doing this others may find answers to commonly asked questions such as a review of a hotel, a product or service. Another reason why I promote is to be engaged with my followers and show them they are not just another follower. Basically, just make them first priority in my Social Media world.

    If you would like to see how I #promote or #blogpromote follow me on Twitter at @blogluvr29. I also encourage you to do the same with your followers and friends. If you do you will see amazing results and great connections. Until next time Happy Blogging.

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