• Wordless Wednesday – Promotion of Izea

    While attending BlogWorld two weeks ago, I met a lot of great people and networked with so many brands. The brand engagement level was very successful and unique with one brand that really made an impression.

    That brand was Izea.


    While networking with the Izea crew, (Carrie, Kristin, Jamie, Ashley, Larry, Jenni and CEO Ted)

    Izea Crew

    during the fantastic dinner they hosted

    Izea Dinner

    I seen that they were dedicated to having fun

    Izea Fun

    And supplying us with the best German food Vegas had to offer.

    Izea Dinner 2

    As the BlogWorld Expo progressed, Izea took their networking and engagement level up a notch by showing me how they care and support as a brand by holding an event at their booth to raise money for a local food bank. Which I may add was very successful and exciting to drown CEO Ted Murphy in cereal and milk.


    In closing, Izea definitely exceeded my expectations of connecting and networking with a brand. The Izea team always had a smile on their faces, were always saying hello, having fun, putting others first and most importantly making me feel comfortable.   These aspects and the personality they posses defines what a true brand is and should be in Social Media and leads me to want to build a relationship.

    I encourage you to take the time to get to know @Izea by checking out their website and contact them to learn how they can reward you in the Social Media world.  Also, learn how they bring a new meaning to Social Media Marketing. So, go ahead and start connecting and networking with a brand that is dedicated to making you first priority. Whether you are an advertiser, blogger, tweeter or mobiler you will see success with Izea.

    Also, before you go don’t forget to check out their Motto and have fun while doing it.


    Thanks and have a great day.

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  1. What a great company and an awesome idea about the fundraising! You can tell they definitely know their social media…

  2. Aaron Kay says:

    That shirt rocks. Looks like you had fun 🙂 Checking out their website now.

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